Turkey Tourist Visa

  • May 11,2021

In the past few years, the number of visitors coming to Turkey for holidays has been rising dramatically. It is understandable because Turkey is an interesting country that possesses lots of beautiful landscapes and traditional cultures accumulated from the past to the current time. If you are thinking of a trip to this country for tourism but are still worried about the entering permit, let's keep reading for guidance about Turkey tourist visas!

What is a Turkey tourist visa?

A Turkey tourist visa is a kind of permit allowing its holder to enter this country for tourism purposes. Applicants can choose to request either a normal visa or an e-Visa for a trip to Turkey.

Is it difficult to ask for a Turkey tourist visa?

It is not very difficult to ask for an allowance to enter Turkey. However, if you are staying here for a short time, applying for an e-Visa is much easier and more convenient than requesting a normal visa. Indeed, both the process and documents are made simpler for tourists which takes you only a few minutes to get everything done.

Why is it more convenient to request an e-Visa?

Requesting an e-Visa gives applicants more benefits for these reasons:

  • You do not have to prepare as many documents as when requesting a visa. All you need are a valid passport, an email address to keep track of the process and a means of payment to pay for this permit. 
  • You do not need to visit the embassy to take an interview and wait for a long time to get the result. After sending the online application, you can get your e-Visa in a few days via the email address.
  • The process is made simple for applicants with three main steps in total.

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What documents are necessary for a tourist e-Visa application?

To get ready for a Turkey tourist e-Visa request, make sure that you have all of the following items:

  • A passport: the first thing you have to prepare for your application is a passport. To be well-prepared for it, you should have a check to see if your passport is still valid. 
  • An email address: it is a tool for you to get the latest information as well as your e-Visa. Do not forget to check it regularly to see if there is anything wrong during the process.
  • A means of payment: Mastercard, debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal accounts are all accepted. Therefore, you can pick any among those methods to make payment for your e-Visa.

How many steps are there in the tourist e-Visa application?

The application process is very simple with three main steps as follows:


  • It takes you about 5 minutes to fill in the online form with personal and passport details regarding name, date of birth, email address, passport, purposes of the trips, and phone number. 
  • Make sure there is no typo mistake in your application by reviewing all the information before moving on to the next part.

Make payment

  • Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal accounts, or Mastercards are highly recommended to use as a means to pay for your e-Visa. 


  • The last thing you have to do is to print your e-Visa out after its arrival and show it at the Immigration Checkpoint.

How much is a Turkey tourist e-Visa?

You will have to pay for government and service fees to own an e-Visa. The price for each one is detailed in the lines below:

Government fee: $60

Service fee:

  • Normal Processing: $59
  • Emergency Processing: $79
  • Rush Processing: $89

How long can I get my e-Visa?

Your e-Visa will be done in a few days after you send the request. However, in case of urgency, you can pick one service among the following to process your one:

  • Normal Processing: 3 business days
  • Emergency Processing: 12 business hours
  • Rush Processing: 4 business hours

Do I need to visit the embassy to ask for an e-Visa?

No, you don't. Taking an e-Visa request, you do not have to take an interview at the consulate. Instead, you can stay at home and go online to answer all the questions given.

How can I get more details about Turkey tourist e-Visa?

If you would like to know more about Turkey tourist e-Visa, please let us know by raising your concerns in the box on our website. We are always willing to support you with the latest information so that you can get this permit successfully.