Turkey Residence Permit – Paperwork and Requirements

  • July 26,2023

Turkey is a stunningly gorgeous nation as well as an excellent spot to settle down. Several fundamental pieces of paperwork must be thoroughly prepared to accomplish a Turkey residence permit. At the same time, we must carefully follow certain processes.

Therefore, precise information for your reference is required.  Let's learn more about the facts in this post!


An official document known as a residency permit, which is given by the government of a nation, enables someone to temporarily live there lawfully. Foreigners who want to live, work, study, or do other things in a nation typically get it. 

Non-Turkish nationals can apply for a Turkey residence permit application to stay there legally for an extended length of time. A valid passport, documentation of financial stability, and a completed application form are normally required for this application. 

There are several sorts of residency permits available depending on the nation. However, a few prevalent kinds consist of:

  • Work Permit: Holders of this permit must have a work offer or employer sponsorship from a host nation.
  • Student Permit: Foreign students who have been admitted to a reputable school of higher learning in the nation are given this permission.
  • Family Reunification Permit: This permission enables people to live with their relatives who are already citizens of the nation.
  • Entrepreneur Permit: Those who want to launch and run a business in the nation must have this authorization.
  • Permanent Residence Permit: This permit permits people to stay in the nation permanently and, frequently, after a specific amount of time, making them eligible for citizenship.
  • Temporary Residence Permit: This permission is given out for a set length of time, usually to people who want to visit the nation briefly or temporarily for employment or other reasons.

It's vital to remember that based on the nation's immigration rules and regulations, the particular forms of residency permits might differ greatly. For accurate and current information on residence permits in a certain country, it is advised to contact the local immigration authorities or seek expert assistance.


The particular requirements for residency permits differ per nation, but generally speaking, the following people are eligible to apply:

  • People who have a work visa in good standing: Those who have accepted an offer of employment abroad.
  • International students: International students who have been admitted into a reputable university overseas and who possess a current student visa.
  • Family: Partners, kids, and other dependant family members of those who have a legal right to live or have citizenship in another nation.
  • Investors: People who make big financial contributions to, or start businesses in, other nations. They may also buy real estate or make other major investments.
  • Refugees and asylum seekers: People who have fled their own countries because of persecution, violence, or other grave risks and are looking for safety in another nation.

Depending on the nation and its immigration regulations, the particular requirements and qualifying criteria for your online application may change. 

The requirements for a Turkey residence permit
Requirements for a Turkey Residence Permit


You must meet specific requirements to be granted a residency permit in Turkey. The particular criteria may change depending on whether you are here for a job, school, or tourism. The general residence permit requirements in Turkey are as follows: 

  • Application: Fill out an online application or apply in person at your neighborhood immigration office.
  • Valid Passport: The validity of your passport must extend at least six months beyond the time you want to spend in Turkey.
  • Health Insurance: Obtain Turkish-valid health insurance coverage.
  • Financial Means Proof: Show that you have the money you need to support yourself while you're in Turkey. Bank records, ownership of real estate, employment agreements, and income statements are a few examples.
  • Housing: Present documentation, such as rental agreements or titles to real estate, as confirmation that you have a place to stay in Turkey.
  • Biometric photos: Send passport-sized biometric pictures.
  • Cost: Pay the requisite fee for the application for a residency permit.

It's important to keep in mind that special criteria or additional documentation may be necessary. It depends on your situation and the sort of residence permit you're asking for.

The official website of the Turkish Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) should be consulted. Also, you should get in touch with your local immigration office. They will provide you with the most comprehensive and current information on a Turkey E-visa.


Following these procedures will show how to apply for a Turkey residence permit

  1. Establish your qualification: Make sure you are eligible for a Turkish resident permit. This may differ depending on whether you're there for business, school, family reunion, or tourism.
  2. Compile the necessary paperwork: Prepare the appropriate paperwork for your application for a residency permit. Depending on the type of permit, the particular criteria may change. 
  3. Online application: Access the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) website of the Turkish Ministry of Interior and register.  Fill out the online application form with accurate and factual information.
  4. Scheduling appointments: You must make an appointment at a DGMM office or a migration service center after completing your application online. Appointment times might get booked up rapidly. It's best to schedule your appointment far in advance.
  5. Attend the appointment: Visit the relevant DGMM office or migration service facility on the specified day. Bring all the original paperwork you uploaded during the online application process, as well as any other paperwork that may be necessary. Pay the required fees, which may differ based on your residency permit's kind and length.
  6. Application review: A DGMM officer will examine your application and any accompanying documentation during your appointment. They could interrogate you about why you're there or, if more documentation is required, ask for it.
  7. Await the outcome: After your application is filed, the DGMM will examine it. Your application for a residence permit may not be approved for several weeks or even months. You may check the progress of your application online by using the reference number you provided. 
  8. Obtain your residence permit: If your application is accepted, you will be given a card confirming your right to live there. We will let you know where and when to meet us for pickup.

Note: Necessary paperwork will need:

  • Your passport.
  • Your visa.
  • Your biometric photographs.
  • Your evidence of lodging.
  • Your proof of financial capability. 
  • Any other documents pertinent to your purpose of stay.

How much do I have to pay for a residence permit?

Depending on the nature and length of the permission, a residency permit in Turkey might range in price. The costs are determined by the Turkish government and are liable to alter. 

The following costs are effective as of February 2022 for Turkey residence permit fees:

  • A short-term residency visa: 458.20 Turkish lira, or around $55.
  • Each family member's residency permit: 72.60 Turkish lira, or around $9.
  • Residence permit for students: 72.60 Turkish lira, or around $9
  • Long-term residency authorization (more than a year): 1,817 Turkish lira, or almost $215.

These fees are due at the time of application, and processing biometric data may result in extra expenses.

Turkey residence permit document
Turkey residence permit document

How long will it take to process my residence permit?

Applications for residency permits in Turkey are processed within 90 days. A residency permit can be granted after 90 days, at the latest, if the application is accepted.

Turkey residence permit processing time might vary based on several variables. These variables may include the kind of permit, the unique circumstances, and the workload of the immigration authorities.

The processing time of the application might often take a few weeks to many months. It is advised to verify with the relevant immigration office or speak with an immigration lawyer.

What is the validity of a Turkey residence permit?

Depending on the kind of permission and the specific conditions, a residency permit for Turkey has a different length of validity.

  • A short-term residency permit is often only valid for two years.
  • A long-term resident permit may be awarded for an unlimited time.

It is crucial to remember that residence permits may be subject to renewal, and the precise validity term may vary. It will depend on the reason for the stay and the circumstances of the individual.

Do I have to attend an interview for a residence permit?

Most of the time, if you want to apply for a residence visa in Turkey, you will have to go to an interview. The goal of the interview is to determine if the candidate is qualified and suitable to be granted a residence visa in Turkey.

You can be questioned during the interview about your intended use for visiting, your financial position, your lodging choices, and other pertinent information. Preparing thoroughly for the interview and giving correct, sincere answers is crucial.


The Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) in Turkey should be contacted if you want more information on a Turkey permit. They are the department of the government in charge of immigration and residency permit issues.

For additional help, you may contact them through their official website or stop by one of their regional offices in Turkey. The information stated above provides guidance on how to handle unanticipated issues as well as comprehensive information on a Turkey residence permit. 

We hope that this puts your confusion to rest. For further information on the Turkey E-visa, get in touch with us at +1 315 715 8498 or support@e-visa-gov.com about Turkey E-visa.

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