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By Hana Emily
Posted on May 29, 2024 4:16 PM

The Turkey E-visa for Bangladeshis is critical to enabling exchanges between Bangladesh and Turkey. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it an indispensable tool for Bangladeshi tourists. It also helps individuals, corporations, and both nations' economies. Let's go through everything below! 

What is the Turkey E-visa for Bangladeshis?

The Turkey E-visa for Bangladeshis is an electronic visa program. Bangladeshi nationals can use the website to apply for and receive a visa to visit Turkey. The Turkish embassy or consulate is not necessary for you to visit. 

The application procedure for visas is sped up and made easier with the help of the E-visa system. For visitors from Bangladesh who want to travel or conduct business in Turkey, it is more convenient.

Turkey E-visa For Bangladeshi - Relationship

If you are a Bangladeshi citizen, obtaining a Turkey E-visa is a straightforward process.

The importance of the Turkey E-visa for Bangladeshi travelers

For tourists from Bangladesh, the Turkey E-visa is crucial for several reasons:

  • Convenience: Bangladeshi visitors may easily and quickly get a visa for their journey to Turkey via the E-visa system. They can submit an E-visa application from the convenience of their homes or workplaces. It does away with the requirement for tiresome trips to the Turkish embassy or consulate.
  • Saving time: Conventional visa application procedures can include protracted wait periods and extensive documentation. The E-visa application procedure is simplified, usually resulting in faster processing times. Travelers may more confidently plan their journeys thanks to it.
  • Cost-effective: Although the Turkey E-visa has an application fee, it may be a more affordable choice compared to the costs connected with obtaining a traditional visa.
  • Flexibility: The E-visa system allows for flexibility about the duration and intent of the visa. Travelers can select the visa category that best suits their needs, whether they are going on vacation, conducting business, or for another reason.
  • Tourism opportunities: Turkey is a well-liked vacation spot recognized for its extensive history, breathtaking scenery, and rich cultural heritage. The E-visa facilitates cultural interaction and increases tourism-related revenue for the Turkish economy by making it simpler for Bangladeshi visitors to experience Turkey's attractions.
  • Business connections: The E-visa makes it easier for Bangladeshi business visitors to attend meetings, conferences, trade shows, and other business-related events in Turkey. This fosters economic relationships and expands commercial prospects.
  • Enhanced diplomatic relations: Bangladesh and Turkey's diplomatic ties might be improved by streamlining the visa application procedure. It encourages collaboration and goodwill, which could result in closer bilateral connections.
  • Travel increase: The availability of an E-visa may persuade more Bangladeshi nationals to consider traveling to Turkey. Increased tourist, commercial, and cultural exchanges between the two nations may emerge from this.
  • Better tourist industry: Both Bangladesh's and Turkey's tourist industries may benefit from the simplicity of acquiring a Turkey E-visa. It could inspire more people to visit new places and have new experiences.
  • Global connectivity: The Turkey E-visa is a component of a larger trend in the digitization of visa procedures. It helps to improve travel convenience for citizens of several nations, including Bangladesh.

The eligibility criteria for Bangladeshi travelers

The requirements for Bangladeshi visitors seeking a Turkey E-visa might change. It depends on the kind of visa they are applying for and whether Turkish immigration laws have recently changed. However, the following typical requirements for eligibility should normally be met by Bangladeshi visitors seeking a Turkey E-visa:

  1. Valid passport: The passport must be in good standing and have at least six months remaining on it after the anticipated departure date from Turkey.
  2. Travel objective: Applicants must have an obvious and sincere reason for visiting Turkey. If necessary, they ought to be prepared to offer documentation to substantiate their trip plans.
  3. Online application: Bangladeshi visitors must submit their E-visa applications online using the Turkish government's recognized official website. It's crucial to use the official platform to stay away from any potential fraud or scam websites.
  4. Fees: As part of the application procedure for the E-visa, travelers must pay the application cost online. Application candidates should adhere to the guidelines listed on the official website because payment options may differ.
  5. Accurate information: When applying for an E-visa, applicants must give true and accurate information. Any inconsistencies or misleading information might result in a visa being denied or entry problems after you arrive in Turkey.
  6. Sufficient funds: Travelers may be asked to provide proof that they have the money necessary to cover their expenses during their stay in Turkey. This can contain information about their vacation schedule, bank statements, and evidence of lodging.
  7. Health insurance: Some visitors may need to have sufficient health insurance throughout their time in Turkey. Visit the official E-visa website to review the precise criteria.
  8. Living and employment: If an applicant is requesting a business visa, they may also be asked for details on their place of employment and place of living in Bangladesh.
  9. Return ticket: Having a return or onward ticket isn't necessarily required, but it might be useful to show that you intend to depart Turkey following your stay.
  10. Compliance with visa regulations: Travelers must adhere to the rules and requirements set forth by the Turkish government regarding visas. This entails observing the visa's validity duration and any limitations on the number of entries.
Turkey E-visa For Bangladeshi - Eligible countries

Travelers from Bangladesh need to meet certain eligibility criteria.

The Requirement about the Turkey Evisa for Bangladeshis

The following are normally necessary for Bangladeshi tourists to acquire a Turkey E-visa:

  1. Eligibility: Travelers from Bangladesh who want to apply for a Turkey E-visa should make sure they fulfill the requirements for the particular sort of visa they want, such as a tourist or business one.
  2. Valid passport: Passports must be valid for at least six months beyond the scheduled date of entrance into Turkey for travelers to enter the country. At least one blank page in the passport must be available for visa stamps.
  3. Online application: Applicants must submit their E-visa applications online via the official Turkish government website. Make sure that all of the data you enter on the application is true and corresponds to the information in your passport.
  4. Application charge: It is usually necessary to pay the E-visa application charge. Depending on the kind of visa and nationality, the price may change. Online payments may often be done with accepted payment options.
  5. Personal information: Please provide your full name, birth date, gender, nationality, and contact information. Check to see whether this information corresponds to your passport.
  6. Travel information: Include information about your expected trip to Turkey, such as your arrival date, departure date, and the reason you'll be there (such as for business, pleasure, or a conference).
  7. Supporting documents: Depending on the reason for your travel, you could be asked to provide supporting records.
  8. Health insurance: Having health insurance that covers their time in Turkey may be a requirement for some visitors. Verify if this requirement applies to your particular circumstances.
  9. Payment confirmation: You must pay the visa cost online after submitting your application. Make sure you have a payment confirmation.
  10. Email address: Provide a working email address because the applicant will normally get the E-visa approval and visa paperwork by email.
  11. Printed E-visa: Print an electronic copy of your Turkey visa when it has been approved. During their journey, travelers should have a physical or digital copy of their E-visa on hand to show immigration officials upon entering Turkey.

Note: The supporting documents may include:

  • A letter of invitation for tourism or a hotel reservation.
  • A letter of invitation for a conference intended for corporate use.
  • Travel schedule, including air travel arrangements.
Turkey E-visa For Bangladeshi - Visa

It is crucial to conduct a thorough review of your visa to guarantee a seamless and pleasant experience.

The step-by-step process of applying for a Turkey E-visa

The uncomplicated, step-by-step procedure for obtaining a Turkey E-visa may be completed online. The standard procedures for Bangladeshi visitors to apply for a Turkey E-visa are as follows:
  1. Visit the official E-visa website: Visit the Republic of Turkey's official website for E-visas. To avoid any fraud or bogus platforms, be sure you are using a legitimate website.
  2. Determine your nationality and type of visa: Select your country of origin from the drop-down menu. Choose if you require a tourist or business visa.
  3. Examine the conditions: Read and carefully consider the details of the E-visa rules and conditions that apply to your particular nationality and visa category.
  4. Launch the program: To begin your application, click the "Apply Now" or "Apply" button.
  5. Fill out the application form: Fill out the online application form completely and truthfully. The form normally has sections for contact information, personal information, passport information, and a trip itinerary.
  6. Submit accompanying documents: You might need to provide supporting documents, depending on the reason for your visit. Hotel bookings, invitation letters, trip itineraries, and even health insurance information are examples of common paperwork. Upload these files by the instructions.
  7. Payment: Utilize one of the approved payment methods to pay the online Turkey E-visa application cost. Make sure you get a payment acknowledgment.
  8. Review and confirm: Examine each piece of information you included in the application form carefully before submitting it. Verify that it matches the information in your passport.
  9. Submit the form: Submit your E-visa application as soon as you are happy with the information offered.
  10. Receive the E-visa: You'll get an email notification with your E-visa document attached after your application has been reviewed and accepted. Instructions on how to download and print your E-visa will be included in the email.
  11. Travel with your E-visa: Your Turkey E-visa should be printed out or kept on your mobile device for easy access. Upon arriving in Turkey, please show Turkish immigration officials your E-visa. Keep in mind to bring along a passport that is up to date and has at least six more months left until your chosen departure date.

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Processing time and fees about the Turkey E-visa for Bangladeshis

Here are details on the fees and processing times for Bangladeshi visitors to acquire a Turkey E-visa. 

Processing time

The majority of applications are processed within a few business days, which is a standard processing period for a Turkish E-visa. To account for any unforeseen delays, it is advised to apply well in advance of your chosen trip date.


Depending on the kind of visa you're asking for and your country of citizenship, there are different E-visa application fees. The Turkey E-visa fee for Bangladeshi citizens may alter over time. Checking the latest cost schedule on the official E-visa website is crucial.

  • Single-entry tourist or business visa: Depending on your country of citizenship, the cost of a single-entry E-visa may change. It often costs between 35 USD and 60 USD
  • Multiple-entry visa: The cost of an E-visa with Multiple Entrances may be more expensive than one with a single entrance.
  • Children: The E-visa cost is frequently waived for children under a specific age (typically 6 years old or under). However, They must still possess a personal E-visa.
  • Payment options: Credit cards and debit cards are two common acceptable payment options for the E-visa application cost. Information on the various payment methods will be available on the official E-visa website.
Turkey E-visa For Bangladeshi - Information

To ensure accuracy, please check the latest information on the official E-visa website.

Frequently asked questions(FAQS) about the Turkey E-visa for Bangladeshis

  1. Am I able to prolong my Turkish E-visa?

E-visas for Turkey are often not extendable. You may need to apply for a new visa or seek advice from Turkish immigration officials if you need to remain in Turkey past the E-visa's validity term.

  1. Do kids require their E-visas?

Children, including babies, require their E-visas. They normally don't have to pay the Turkey E-visa cost. However, you ought to have a unique E-visa with these details.

  1. Is a Turkey E-visa valid for both land and marine travel into Turkey?

Yes, a Turkey E-visa may be used to enter the country through specific land border crossings and ports of entry. It is not just accessible by plane.

  1. What should I do if my application for an E-visa is rejected?

If your E-visa application is rejected, you could think about getting in touch with the Turkish embassy or consulate in your area for further information or clarification on the rejection's circumstances.

  1. Is it feasible to obtain a visa for Turkey upon arrival?

Some nations have the option of acquiring a visa upon arrival in Turkey. But this rule could be altered. Before departing, it is advised to confirm the most recent regulations and rules regarding visas.

Travel tips and Recommendations for Bangladeshi travelers

Being a Bangladeshi visitor visiting Turkey may be thrilling and culturally enlightening. Here are some travel advice and ideas to make your vacation more pleasurable and easy:

  1. Visa and documentation: Make sure you have a current Turkey E-visa and that your passport is valid for at least six months after the day you want to travel.
  2. Money and payments: The national currency is the Turkish Lira (TRY). For better exchange rates, it is advised to exchange some money before your trip or to withdraw cash from ATMs while in Turkey. In metropolitan locations, credit and debit cards are extensively used, but it's a good idea to have some cash on hand for smaller shops and rural places.
  3. Language: Although English is widely used in tourist areas, hotels, and restaurants, Turkish is still the official language. Turkish residents can benefit from learning basic words and phrases.
  4. Climate and clothes: Examine the weather predictions for the dates of your trip and pack appropriately. Different parts of Turkey have varied climates. When visiting mosques and other religious buildings, modest attire is advised. In some locations, women may be required to cover their heads with a scarf.
  5. Regional food: Turkish food is recognized for its mouthwatering tastes. Take advantage of the opportunity to sample regional foods including kebabs, baklava, Turkish delight, and Turkish tea or coffee. When purchasing street food, exercise caution and make sure it is made in a clean atmosphere.
  6. Safety and health: In general, Turkey is a safe place for travelers, but as with any place, take normal safety measures. Please ensure that you keep a watchful eye on your belongings and remain vigilant of your surroundings. Having travel insurance that includes medical emergencies is advised. Before departing for Turkey, confirm the recommended or necessary immunizations.
  7. Electrical adapters: The Type C and Type F electrical outlets in Turkey operate at 230V and 50 Hz, respectively. Bring the necessary voltage converters and adapters.
  8. Transportation: Given that Turkey is a big nation with many attractions, you might choose to purchase domestic flights if you intend to visit various towns. Turkey has a well-developed and effective transportation system. When traveling through big cities, think about taking the trams, buses, and Istanbul Metro.
  9. Cultural etiquette: Honor regional traditions and customs. Take off your shoes and dress modestly before entering mosques. Avoid showing your devotion in public. In marketplaces and bazaars, bargaining is customary. Please feel free to discuss pricing.
  10. Sightseeing and attractions: Turkey has a long history and a vibrant culture. Discover well-known locations including the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Cappadocia, Ephesus, and Pamukkale. For discounts and speedier entry to museums and historical sites, get a Museum Pass.
  11. Emergency contacts: Make a note of the Turkish embassy's or consulate's phone number in case of an emergency.
  12. Internet and communication: To stay connected while visiting Turkey, think about purchasing a Turkish SIM card or a portable Wi-Fi gadget.
Turkey E-visa For Bangladeshi - Travel

The passport must be valid and have at least six months of remaining validity.

Why should I contact if i need more Information about the Turkey E-visa for Bangladeshis?

If you want further details or have special questions regarding Bangladeshi tourists' eligibility for the Turkey E-visa, you may want to consider contacting the following organizations for support and direction:

  1. Visit the official Republic of Turkey E-visa website: The main resource for information on visas is the official website for electronic visa applications. On the official website, you may discover comprehensive information, application guidelines, payment information, and contact information. You can search for the term "Website for the Republic of Turkey's E-visas".
  2. Turkish Embassies and Consulates: In Bangladesh and other nations, Turkish embassies and consulates can offer support and direction on visa-related issues. For particular inquiries and concerns, get in touch with the Turkish diplomatic post that is most conveniently located near you.
  3. Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs could contain resources and information about Turkish visas. For assistance, you may go to their official website or get in touch with them.
  4. Local travel agencies: Local travel agents can offer advice on visa requirements, vacation plans, and other travel-related services if they have expertise in organizing visits to Turkey.
  5. Customer service: For assistance with E-visa applications and questions, the official Republic of Turkey E-visa website normally lists a customer service contact. If you have special inquiries about your application, you may get in touch with their customer service team.

It's recommended to be prepared with detailed information regarding your vacation itinerary and visa application before contacting any of these services. It will enable them to give you information that is accurate and pertinent. Furthermore, you must always confirm the legitimacy of the sources you contact.

Before applying, please examine the most updated policies and guidelines on the official Turkey E-Visa website. When all standards are completely satisfied, an E-Visa application is more likely to be accepted. We give you all the relevant details about the Turkey E-visa for Bangladeshis. We hope that your trip to Turkey is delightful! 

If you have concerns or need additional assistance, you may contact us at [email protected] or by dialing +1 315 715 8498. We appreciate knowing that we're able to assist you whenever you call for it!

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