Visa To Turkey From Israel - Unlocking Your Journey

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 30, 2024 4:01 AM

A visa to Turkey from Israel is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, several websites provide this type of visa. You must choose information pages that are relevant to your needs. In this detailed guide, we'll assist you with all you need to know about obtaining a visa to Turkey from Israel. 

What is a visa to Turkey from Israel?

A "visa to Turkey from Israel" is a government-issued document or endorsement from the Turkish government. It permits Israelis to enter and stay in Turkey for a set amount of time and specific purposes. This paper provides legal authorization to enter the Turkish border. 

A visa to Turkey from Israel usually specifies: 

  • The traveler's entrance and leave dates.
  • The maximum length of stay.
  • The objective of the trip (tourist, business, or transit).

The importance of a visa to Turkey from Israel

Obtaining a visa to Turkey from Israel is of significant importance for several reasons:

  • Legal entry: Israeli nationals who desire to visit Turkey must get a Turkish visa. It guarantees that tourists follow Turkish immigration procedures and are not confronted with legal complications upon arrival.
  • Smooth travel experience: A smooth travel experience may be achieved by obtaining a valid visa in advance. It reduces the possibility of being refused entry or encountering delays at immigration checkpoints.
  • Clear purpose: The type of visa you acquire defines whether you are here for tourist, business, or other purposes. This clarity is vital for immigration authorities because it allows them to assess the proper visa requirements and restrictions for your stay.
  • Period of stay: The period of your stay in Turkey will be specified on your visa. This prevents visitors from overstaying their welcome. Visa To Turkey From IsraelIt can result in penalties, expulsion, or future travel restrictions.
  • Travel planning: Having a visa in hand helps tourists confidently plan their vacation. It aids with booking flights, lodging, and other travel-related arrangements.
  • Business and economic activities: A visa is required for Israeli business visitors to engage in trade, attend meetings, and explore investment possibilities in Turkey. It makes it easier to undertake legitimate commercial activity.
  • Exploration of culture and tourism: Turkey is a country rich in culture and natural beauty. A visa permits Israeli travelers to visit these destinations, allowing for personal growth and enjoyable encounters.
  • Security and record keeping: The visa application process includes security checks and background screenings. It assists governments in keeping track of who enters and exits their borders. This is critical for national security and passenger tracking.
  • Diplomatic connections: Diplomatic connections between nations have an impact on visa restrictions. Meeting visa criteria contributes to the maintenance of friendly ties between Israel and Turkey. It might have larger diplomatic ramifications.

Do Israeli citizens need a visa to Turkey? 

In most cases, Israeli citizens do not need a Turkey visa. However, Israeli citizens are required to obtain a visa to enter Turkey if they want to stay longer than 90 days. The specific requirements, application procedures, and visa types may vary based on the purpose of the visit and the traveler's circumstances.

Visitors from Israel should investigate and adhere to the Turkish government's visa procedures and criteria. It will aid in ensuring seamless and lawful admission into the nation.

Visa to Turkey from Israel - Travel

Israeli citizens do not require a visa for Turkey.

The different types of visas available for Israeli travelers to Turkey

Turkish officials provide a variety of visa options for Israeli visitors to Turkey. It is dependent on the reason for their visit.

  • Tourist Visa (Short-Term Touristic Visit): This visa is for those visiting Turkey for tourism or leisure purposes. It usually permits a stay of up to 90 days within a term of 180 days.
  • Business Visa: This visa is available for business travelers. Meetings, negotiations, and conferences are examples. It normally enables up to 90 days of stay within a 180-day term.
  • Student Visa: Typically, Israeli students wishing to study in Turkey require a student visa. This visa permits students to attend Turkish educational establishments. It also has certain needs and circumstances.
  • Work Visa: Israeli citizens who wish to work in Turkey must apply for a work visa. This usually entails obtaining a work offer from a Turkish company and meeting specific standards.
  • Transit Visa: Transit visas are required for travelers traveling through Turkey on their way to another destination. It allows for a brief stopover in Turkey between flights.
  • Family Reunion Visa: If an Israeli citizen has close family relatives who live in Turkey, they may be eligible for a family reunion visa to visit them. You will also be asked to provide documents proving your family relationship.
  • Official/Diplomatic Visa: Depending on their standing, members of official delegations, diplomatic missions, and international organizations would apply for official or diplomatic visas. You need to prepare documents with a confirmation stamp from the agency.
Visa to Turkey from Israel - Types

For Israeli tourists traveling to Turkey, Turkish authorities continue to provide a range of visa options.

Turkey visa requirements for Israel passport holders

The visa requirements for Israeli citizens vary based on the kind of visa and the purpose of the trip. 

  1. Valid passport: You need to keep your passport on you at all times. Your Israeli passport must be a valid six-month passport. You will have issues with a passport that is tattered or hazy.
  2. Visa application: Passengers from Israel must apply for a visa. Usually, you may apply in person at a Turkish Embassy or Consulate or online using the Turkish E-visa system.
  3. Travel itinerary: A copy of your round-trip airline reservation or your ticket may be needed. One-sided A4 paper may be printed on without ripping it.
  4. Proof of accommodation: You'll need documentation proving where you stayed while in Turkey. It's common to be requested to supply lodging when visiting Turkey. The hotel contact and booking fee must also be included.
  5. Sufficient funds: You could be required to provide proof that you have enough money to pay for all of your costs while visiting Turkey. Bring cash, a certificate of economic eligibility, and both cards.
  6. Passport images: To apply for a visa, you must provide recent passport-sized images. To be more courteous, you ought to wear a white shirt. Sleeveless or exposed shirts are not something you should wear.
  7. Visa fees: The processing charge for obtaining a visa must be paid. Depending on the kind of visa you're seeking, the Turkey E-visa fees may change. If you want to pay online, you should print the electronic invoice.
  8. Health insurance: For the length of their stay in Turkey, certain visitors may be asked to provide documentation of their health insurance or proof of travel. Turkey often allows medical declarations up to 24 hours in advance. To save time at the airport, you can declare ahead of time at home.
  9. Biometric data: You can be asked to provide biometric information at some Turkish Embassies or Consulates. Fingerprints could be involved. Turkey has fingerprinting stations as well. You may be guaranteed that the fingerprints will have comprehensive instructions displayed on them.
Visa to Turkey from Israel - Accommodation

The booking fee and hotel contact information must also be mentioned.

Supporting documents for a visa to Turkey from Israel

The general supporting paperwork needed to obtain a Turkey visa for Israel is unstable. Depending on the kind of visa you are requesting and the reason for your visit, it may differ. After you are advised on the appropriate visa type, they will attach the documents you need to prepare:

  1. Letter of invitation: If you are visiting for business purposes, you may need an invitation letter from a Turkish company or organization. The invitation letter must have the agency's stamp and the representative's commitment.
  2. Student or work-related documents: If you are a student or plan to work in Turkey, you will need documents like an acceptance letter from a Turkish educational institution. If you have a business trip, please provide a work contract from your Turkish employer.
  3. Criminal record certificate: Some visa categories may require a certificate of good conduct or a police clearance certificate. If you have ever erred, be honest about it in the interview.

The visa application process for a visa to Turkey from Israel

The visa application process for Israeli citizens applying for a visa to Turkey typically involves the following steps:

  1. Determine the visa type: You should indicate the purpose of your visit. Various visa types have unique requirements. You can get in touch with us via Email: at [email protected] if you need assistance as soon as possible.
  2. Check visa requirements: Visit the official website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Turkish Embassy/Consulate in Israel to confirm the most up-to-date visa requirements. You can also download the relevant application forms on these websites. 
  3. Complete the visa application form: Please fill out the visa application form accurately and completely. After entering information, you should double-check it. On certain websites, you may start again when entering inaccurate transfer or citizen identity information. 
  4. Gather supporting documents: Collect the necessary supporting documents based on your visa type.
  5. Pay visa fees: When applying for a visa online, you will often be asked to pay via card. There will be extra costs on visa websites (intermediary fees or service fees). Before approving your visa application, you will be informed of this cost.
  6. Submit your application: You should be sure you have a file with all of your papers (both in paper and PDF format). 
Visa to Turkey from Israel - Visa-free

Certain sorts of visas have different criteria.

Interview for a visa to Turkey from Israel

For some visa categories, an in-person interview is necessary. However, you won't require an interview if you submit your visa application online. Interviews may be necessary for work visas. You should be ready to respond to inquiries about the reason for your visit and offer more details upon request.

  1. Track your application: Several Turkish Embassies and Consulates provide a tracking service for visa applications. Via the Embassy or Consulate, you may check the progress of your application online.
  2. Wait for processing: Processing timeframes for visas might differ. To allow for any delays, you should apply well before the day you want to travel. The processing of your visa might take several weeks.
  3. Collect your visa: You may pick up your approved visa from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate. You might be able to choose to have the visa posted to your address from certain Embassies.
  4. Travel to Turkey: As soon as you obtain your visa, please remember to bring it with you to Turkey. Show it to immigration officials when you get there. 

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The processing time and fee for a visa to Turkey from Israel

Please pay attention to the processing time and fee for a Turkey visa for Israeli citizens. These are the two requirements that must be met for your Turkey visa application to go well. Different visa categories typically need the same amount of time to complete. However, there may be small price variations.

The processing time for a visa to Turkey from Israel

You should not be concerned about the processing time. Israeli citizens are allowed 90 days of entry into Turkey without the requirement for a visa. On the other hand, a visa must be prepared if your intended stay exceeds ninety days. Therefore, we will still offer more details for your reference. 

Normal Guaranteed within 3 working days.
Urgent Guaranteed within 24 hours
 Super Urgent Within 5 business hours

Depending on your status, the processing time will vary. There are situations where expedited visa processing has a hefty price tag. You must take note of this to prevent further expenses.

Fee for a visa to Turkey from Israel

Currently, Israeli citizens do not need a visa to enter Turkey. Therefore, you'll save a substantial sum of money. However, it only covers periods lasting less than ninety days. You will still need to apply for an E-visa if the 90 days have passed.

You can pay more for COVID-19 insurance if that is possible. The bundle will cost around 50 USD. It is still advised to obtain COVID-19 insurance to protect your rights.

Visa to Turkey from Israel - Insurance

To safeguard your rights, getting COVID-19 insurance is still suggested.

Further information about a visa to Turkey from Israel

Here are some additional details about obtaining a visa to Turkey from Israel

Visa denials and appeals 

Although it might be upsetting to have your visa application denied, there are processes for appeals and reapplications. The following basic actions and information should be taken into consideration if your Turkey visa application form for Israel is rejected:

  • Recognize the reason for denial: If the authorities reject your visa application, they should provide you with a reason for the rejection. Comprehending this rationale is essential since it may assist you in resolving any problems with your program.
  • Reapply or appeal: Your options for appealing the decision or reapplying for your visa may vary depending on the cause of the refusal. The particular procedure for an appeal or reapplication may differ. It depends on the policies of the nation and the kind of visa you apply for. 
  • Reapplying for a visa:
    • If you want to reapply for a visa, thoroughly go over the grounds for the first rejection and make sure your new application addresses any errors or shortcomings.
    • Verify that all necessary paperwork is correct, current, and complete.
    • Pay attention to any eligibility or financial restrictions that would have caused the first refusal, and if more documentation is required, supply it.
  • Appealing a visa denial:
    • If you are allowed to file an appeal, adhere to the steps that the Turkish authorities have specified.
    • Usually, an appeal letter outlining the precise grounds for the refusal must be sent. To strengthen your argument, your letter should include further details or supporting documentation.
    • There may be deadlines for submitting an appeal, please make sure you meet them. Failure to do so might compromise your chances of winning.
  • Seek legal advice: It might be wise to speak with an immigration lawyer or other legal professional. They can guide you and defend your rights if you feel that your visa application was wrongfully rejected. If you face serious challenges while appealing, do not hesitate to contact us via: [email protected]
  • Patience and persistence: Although visa denials might be difficult, these qualities are crucial. Remember that choices on visas are based on rules and certain requirements. Therefore, your application may be accepted if you apply again later.
Visa to Turkey from Israel - Expired

If your application for a visa to Turkey is denied, the authorities have to provide you with an explanation.

Visa validity and extensions

  • Visa validity: 
    • The kind of visa and the intended purpose of the travel determine how long an Israeli citizen's Turkish visa is valid. Different types of visas, including business and tourist visas, may have varying validity durations.
    • The validity period, which indicates the time range within which you can enter Turkey, is normally indicated on the visa sticker or E-visa.
  • Duration of stay:
    • The length of stay that is permitted in Turkey differs from the validity of the visa. It shows the maximum duration of stay in Turkey for each entry.
    • The immigration officials at the port of entry may decide the precise length of stay. It might differ depending on the kind of visa.
  • Visa extensions:
    • In general, extensions were not possible for tourist E-visas. You had to depart Turkey once your tourist visa's period of validity expired.
    • You might ask a local immigration office in Turkey if extensions are possible if you are in the country on a different kind of visa, such as a business or student visa.
  • Overstaying: Extending the validity of a visa is not advised. Extension can lead to penalties, expulsion, or limitations on future travel. We encourage you to prepare a new visa instead of continuing to extend it.
  • Leaving and reentering Turkey: You can exit Turkey before your visa expires. Then, you re-enter with a new visa, such as a new Turkey E-visa. Sometimes, your current visa does not permit an extension and you need to leave.
  • Applying for different visa types:
    • You might choose to apply for a different kind of visa if you need to stay in Turkey for a longer period.
    • Applying for a residency permit is possible. It would grant you the authorizations required for a prolonged stay. Residency permit applications might have extra steps and may call for certain paperwork.

Visa-free and Visa-on-arrival options

Israeli citizens had several options for entering Turkey without a visa or by obtaining a visa on arrival.

Visa-free travel for short stays

  • Israeli passport holders were permitted 90 days of visa-free travel to Turkey for short vacations or business visits during 180 days.
  • This implies that you might go to or do business in Turkey for up to 90 days without a visa. On the day of your initial input, the 180-day term starts.


  • Obtaining a Turkish E-visa online before flying to Turkey is a simple and easy choice for most people.
  • The E-visa allows you to visit Turkey for both vacation and business. It is a multiple-entry visa that enables stays of up to 90 days within 180 days.
  • You can apply for an E-visa on the official Turkish E-visa website.

Visa on arrival (Tourist visa)

  • Turkish officials had put in place a visa-on-arrival system for Israeli tourists visiting Turkey.
  • If you have a valid Israeli passport, you can apply for a tourist visa on arrival at major international airports and border crossings. This allowed for a 90-day stay inside the confines of a 180-day timeframe.
Visa to Turkey from Israel - 90 days

Israeli passport holders were allowed 90 days of visa-free travel to Turkey.

Tips for a successful visa to Turkey from Israel

Getting a visa to Turkey from Israel doesn't have to be difficult if you follow the appropriate procedures and provide the required paperwork. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for a successful visa application:

  • Examine visa requirements: Begin by researching the visa requirements for your nationality and the reason for your travel. The Turkish government issues visas for a variety of purposes, including tourism, business, and research. Check that you have applied for the right visa category.
  • Apply online: In many situations, you may apply for a Turkish visa online at the official Turkish E-visa website. Use the official government website to submit your application. Read the instructions thoroughly and complete the application form completely.
  • Prepare the required documents: Collect any required supporting documentation. You can refer to the necessary documents we mentioned above.
  • Apply far in advance: You should obtain a visa well in advance of the date you want to travel. This gives the Embassy or Consulate plenty of time for processing and any necessary follow-up inquiries.
  • Verify the visa fee: You should make sure you are aware of the amount that is necessary for your application's visa and pay it. Visa application costs might change. It depends on your country of origin and the kind of visa you're seeking.
  • Be true and accurate: You should fill out your application with accurate and true information. Any inaccurate or misleading information may result in the refusal of a visa or other repercussions.
  • Proof of links: To show that you want to return to Israel, it might be useful to submit documentation of your links to the country. For example:
    • Letter from your work.
    • Proof of familial ties.
    • Ownership of real estate.
  • Interview preparation: If you need to go through a visa interview, make sure you're ready. Prepare all of your paperwork, present yourself properly, and respond to inquiries with clarity. Prepare an explanation of the reason for your journey and your itinerary.
  • Check for updates: Policies and procedures regarding visas are subject to change. Make sure you check out the Turkish Embassy's or Consulate's official website in Israel. For the most recent information, visit the official E-visa website of the Turkish government.
  • Keep copies: For your records, duplicate each application document. In the event of theft or loss, this may be helpful. Photocopies of your papers can be sent to a reliable person. They can provide you with prompt help in the event of an issue.
  • Follow-up: You may often check the progress of your visa application online after submitting it. Do not hesitate to follow up with the appropriate authorities if there are any delays or problems.
Visa to Turkey from Israel - Interview

Make sure you're prepared for Turkey visa interviews you may have to attend.

Emergency contacts for a visa to Turkey from Israel

Citizens of Israel should get in touch with the Turkish Consulate or Embassy there. They might ask you crucial questions about your visa application or provide you with immediate help. Here are the contact details for the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Tel Aviv, Israel:

  • Address: 71 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv, 6343229, Israel.
  • Phone: +972 3 517 00 00.
  • Fax: +972 3 517 00 08.
  • Email: [email protected].
  • Website: 
Visa to Turkey from Israel - Tel Aviv

Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Please be aware that these informational sources served as the basis for these contact details. It's always good to verify the current contact information. In case of a visa-related emergency, you can reach out to the Embassy for guidance and assistance.

It pleases us that the details on the visa to Turkey from Israel will help you finish your journey. Just so you know, all report requirements need to be fulfilled precisely and completely. It is our goal for your trip to Turkey to be pleasurable.

Here is our email address: [email protected], if you would need further information. We truthfully enjoy being ready to help you whenever you need it!

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