Turkey Visa Green Card Holder – Essential Details

  • August 05,2023

U.S. permanent residents can go to Turkey for leisure and short-term business with the Turkey Visa green card holders. The official Republic of Turkey Electronic Visa Application System accepts applications for electronic visas from holders of U.S. Green Cards. However, Turkey Visa green card holders must meet some application procedures and specific documents.

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The phrase "Green Card" is frequently used to describe a permanent resident card from the United States. It is a piece of immigration paperwork that enables foreign nationals to reside and work permanently in the country.

Although they are not American citizens, those with green cards have many of the same rights and advantages as Americans. The Green Card is unique to the United States and does not provide any benefits or rights in other nations.

Travelers with a current U.S. green card from more than 60 countries can apply online for a Turkey E-visa. Holders with US passports are immediately qualified to apply online for this electronic visa without going to a Turkish embassy.

A U.S. green card holder can only apply if the nation of origin of his passport is also accepted for the Turkey E-visa. Additionally, the E-visa online application procedure may vary slightly based on the travelers' nationality. You could only be eligible for a single-entry visa, and the maximum stay can also change depending on the nation you come from.

Do Green Card Holders need a Turkish Visa to enter the country?

Many nations, including the United States, need visas for entry. U.S. residents with green cards are not immune from these requirements.

Holders of Green Cards must apply for a Turkish visa before traveling there. They have the choice of applying for a standard tourist visa or choosing an E-visa. Choosing the E-visa will offer a quicker and more comfortable application process.


The most common types of Turkey visas that Green Card holders can apply for include:

  • Tourist Visa: Green Card holders who wish to go to Turkey for pleasure, sightseeing, or to see friends and relatives may do so with a tourist visa. A brief stay for tourism-related objectives is permitted with the tourist visa.
  • Business Visa: Green Card holders can apply for a business visa if they are going to Turkey to perform business-related activities like attending conferences or meetings or negotiating deals.
  • Work Visa: A holder of a Green Card must apply for a work visa if they want to work in Turkey. Typically sponsored by a Turkish employer, this visa is necessary for employment-related activities.
  • Student Visa: Green Card holders can apply for a student visa if they want to study in Turkey. They can attend Turkish educational institutions to acquire academic degrees thanks to this visa.
  • Family Reunion Visa: Family members of a Green Card holder who lives in Turkey may apply for a family reunion visa to travel there with them.
  • Transit Visa: A Green Card holder may require a transit visa if they are traveling through Turkey on their route to another location and won't be leaving the airport's transit zone.

The Turkey Visa for Green Card holders

The Turkey Visa for Green Card holders


The following information is Turkey's visa requirements for Green Card holders:

  • Nationality requirement: In general, U.S. Green Card holders who are citizens of the United States are qualified to apply for a Turkey E-visa. To confirm your eligibility, you must consult the official list of eligible nations on the website for the Republic of Turkey Electronic Visa Application System.
  • Valid green card: To be eligible for an e-visa, you must possess a current U.S. Green Card.
  • Passport: Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the time you want to spend in Turkey. There should be at least one vacant page in the passport for the visa stamp.
  • Online application: Visit the website of the Republic of Turkey's official website for the Electronic Visa Application System:  https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/. Then you fill out the online application form with your contact information, itinerary, and passport data.
  • Visa charge: Use a legitimate credit or debit card to pay the necessary visa processing charge. Depending on your nationality and visa type, the price amount varies.
  • Travel itinerary: The specifics of your trip itinerary, including the dates you intend to enter and leave Turkey, may be requested.
  • Accommodation details: Give specifics about your lodging in Turkey, including the name and address of the hotel or other place you'll be staying.
  • Travel insurance: Having travel insurance that covers your time in Turkey is advised, while it is not necessarily necessary.
  • Supporting document: Be ready to provide any additional documentation that the Turkish government requests to support your application.
  • E-visa approval: If your application for an electronic visa is accepted, you will get an email with your electronic visa attached as a PDF file. When traveling to Turkey, print out a copy of the E-visa and keep it with you.


Holders of U.S. Green Cards may apply for an E-visa to travel to Turkey or conduct short-term business there. The E-visa is a simple and practical solution for visitors from countries that qualify, including the United States.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on obtaining an electronic visa for Turkey:

  • Check eligibility: Verify your eligibility by making sure you have a current U.S. Green Card and are a citizen of one of the qualifying nations. The Turkey E-visa is normally available to US residents and foreigners with Green Cards.
  • Visit the official website for E-visas: Click the "Apply" button on the Republic of Turkey Electronic Visa Application System's official website at https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/.
  • Choose your country and visa type: Depending on why you're traveling, select "United States" for your nationality and either "Tourism" or "Business" for your visa category.
  • Apply online by completing the form: Fill out the appropriate fields on the online application form with your contact information, passport information, travel information, and personal information. Verify that all of the information supplied is true and corresponds to your travel documentation.
  • Pay the visa charge: Use a legitimate credit or debit card to pay the visa processing charge. Depending on your country of origin and visa type, the cost varies. Even if your visa application is denied, after money has been made, it cannot be refunded.
  • Receive and print your E-visa: After completing your application and paying for it, your E-visa will be processed. You may then download and print it. If accepted, you will get an email with a PDF attachment containing your E-visa. When traveling to Turkey, be sure to print off a copy of your E-visa and have it with you.
  • Travel to Turkey: When you arrive in Turkey, show the Turkish immigration officials your printed E-visa and your current U.S. Green Card.

Application Turkey Visa Online

How much is a Turkey E-visa?

The Turkish visa fee for Green Card holders will charge around $50.

U.S. Green Card holders and residents of other nations who qualify paid a different amount for a Turkish E-visa based on their nationality and the reason for their trip.

What is the processing time of the Turkey E-visa? 

For holders of U.S. Green Cards and nationals of other qualifying nations, the processing time for an E-visa is often rather rapid. The processing period for an E-visa is normally a few business days.

Following the submission of your E-visa application and payment, the Turkish government will analyze it and decide whether to grant or refuse the visa. Your E-visa will be linked as a PDF document to an email notice after it has been accepted. The e-visa may then be printed out and carried with you when traveling to Turkey.

How long can Green Card holders stay in Turkey with an E-visa?​ 

The type of visa received often determines the length of time that a U.S. Green Card holder and a citizen of another qualified nation's visa to Turkey will be valid.

180 days from the date of issuance is the typical validity period for the Turkey E-visa for travel and short-term business reasons. You are permitted to enter Turkey and remain there for up to 90 days within this validity period.

Please be aware that the 90-day maximum stay is the total number of days you are permitted to spend in Turkey throughout the 180-day validity period, not a continuous 90-day period.

With Turkey Visa green card holders, U.S. permanent residents can travel to Turkey

With Turkey Visa green card holders, U.S. permanent residents can travel to Turkey


If you have any queries concerning the application procedure for U.S. Green Card holders, you should get in touch with the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a Turkish embassy or consulate in the United States. They can provide the most precise and up-to-date information.

The Turkish Embassy in the United States:

  • Name: Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Washington, D.C.
  • Address: 2525 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20008.
  • Phone: +1 (202) 612-6700.

Consulates General of Turkey:

  • Turkish Consulate General in New York: +1 (212) 949-0160.
  • Turkish Consulate General in Los Angeles: +1 (310) 229-3000.
  • Turkish Consulate General in Chicago: +1 (312) 263-0644.
  • Turkish Consulate General in Houston: +1 (713) 622-5849.

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