Turkey E-visa For Chinese Citizens - How To Apply For It?

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 29, 2024 6:41 PM

The Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens is currently in demand. To meet the needs, Turkey offers an efficient and straightforward E-visa system for Chinese travelers. Therefore, navigating visa requirements can be a critical step in planning your Turkey journey! Check out the details about E-visas below!

What is the Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens?

The term "Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens" refers to an electronic visa (E-visa). It is specifically designed for China citizens who wish to travel to Turkey for various purposes. These purposes are tourism, business, family visits, or other short-term activities. 

This E-visa allows Chinese citizens to obtain authorization to enter Turkey without needing a traditional paper visa stamp on their passports. Chinese citizens can apply for a Turkey E-visa online via the official website of the Turkish government or the official E-visa application portal.

The benefits of using Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens

The Turkey E-visa has several advantages for Chinese citizens visiting Turkey. It is a quick and effective method to get a visa to enter Turkey. 

  • Online application: You may apply for an e-visa fully online, doing away with the requirement to go in person to a Turkish Embassy or Consulate. Chinese nationals can save time and effort by submitting a Turkey E-visa application from the convenience of their homes or workplaces.
  • Process simplified: The E-visa application procedure is simple and user-friendly. They will provide you with detailed instructions. The chance of mistakes is decreased since applicants are led through the application process.
  • Quick processing: E-visa applications for Turkey are frequently handled swiftly, frequently in a matter of working days. This gives tourists more freedom and efficiency when planning their journeys.
  • Convenient payment: Online credit or debit card payments are a safe and simple way to pay the E-visa processing cost.
  • Electronic approval: The traveler's passport and the E-visa are connected. Since there is no requirement for a physical visa sticker or stamp, there is less chance that travel papers will be harmed or lost.
  • Multiple entry: Chinese citizens may be permitted several entrances into Turkey throughout the visa. It depends on the type of E-visa they get. This flexibility is beneficial for those who intend to visit Turkey on several separate occasions during a specific period.
  • Variety of purposes: The Turkey E-visa is appropriate for a wide spectrum of visitors since it may be used for a variety of activities. These activities are travel, business meetings, family visits, and participation in cultural or sporting events.
  • Cost-efficient: For Chinese citizens, getting an E-visa is a good alternative because the charge is typically less expensive than getting a regular paper visa.
  • Accessible information: The official Turkish government website offers thorough information about the E-visa application procedure, eligibility requirements, and other visa-related issues. They will assist the Chinese citizens with openness and accessibility for travelers,
  • Secure and verified: By eliminating the possibility of fraud or fake visas, the Turkey E-visa system is safe and validated.

Do Chinese citizens need a visa for Turkey?

Chinese citizens traveling to Turkey typically require a visa to enter the country. The Turkey E-visa system was the most popular method for Chinese citizens to get a visa to Turkey. Travelers can use this system to submit an online application for an electronic visa (E-visa).

It eliminates the requirement for personal travel to Turkish Embassies or Consulates. You can choose between applying for a visa on the spot or applying for a visa online. If your status is not available, we still encourage you to apply for a visa online.

Can Chinese citizens get a Turkey visa on arrival at the airport? 

Chinese citizens were not eligible for a visa on arrival in Turkey. Chinese citizens who plan to visit Turkey typically need to apply for an E-visa online in advance of their trip. Please arrange a time to complete your visa before going to the airport.

The E-visa can be obtained through the official Turkish government website or the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. The application process involves filling out an online form and making the required payment. You will be advised on other attached services when contacting visa services.

Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens - Travel

Turkey normally requires travelers from China to get a visa to enter.

The requirements and eligibility criteria for the Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens

The requirements and eligibility criteria for a Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens were as follows:


  • Nationality: Applicants must be citizens of the People's Republic of China
  • Purpose of travel: E-visas can be obtained for a variety of reasons. You can use E-visa for traveling, participating in business, visiting relatives, and participating in sports or cultural events. Make sure you choose the right visa type for your intended purpose of trip.


  1. A valid passport: Chinese citizens must possess passports. This passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the length of their anticipated stay in Turkey. It is important to ensure that your passport meets this requirement to avoid any issues with your travel plans.
  2. Complete online E-visa application form: Applicants must fill out the online E-visa application form honestly and accurately. Usually, the application form is accessible via the official E-visa website or the website of the Turkish government.
  3. Travel itinerary: You can be asked for information on your expected dates of arrival and departure out of Turkey and other travel-related details.
  4. Accommodation information: Information concerning your lodging in Turkey, such as the hotel's address or the location of your intended stay, may be requested.
  5. Valid supporting papers: Depending on the reason for your travel, you may be required to present additional supporting papers. You will be asked to prepare a letter of invitation from a Turkish host or organization or a flight or hotel reservation.
  6. Payment: To pay the E-visa processing charge, you must have a valid credit or debit card. Depending on your nationality and the type of E-visa you are applying for, the cost amount may change.
  7. Photo: As part of the application process, you might be required to supply a current and passport-sized photo of yourself.
  8. Travel health insurance: Having travel health insurance that covers your whole stay in Turkey is advised for your security. However, it may not always be a mandatory necessity.
Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens - E-visa

Chinese citizens planning trips to Turkey must apply for an E-visa online well in advance.

Chinese citizens applying for a Turkey visa 

Chinese citizens who want to visit Turkey for tourism or business purposes typically need a visa to enter the country. 

  1. Choose the visa category: Turkey provides a wide range of visa categories. Pick the one that most closely matches your trip objectives. You can refer to more information on our page to choose the most suitable visa type.
  2. Assemble the necessary paperwork: Depending on the sort of visa you're asking for, different paperwork may be needed. A valid passport, a visa application form, passport-sized images, proof of trip plans, a hotel reservation, and evidence of sufficient funds to cover your costs while visiting Turkey are among the often-needed papers.
  3. Complete the visa application form: You can usually get it on the website of the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in China. Please fully and correctly fill out the form.
  4. Pay the visa fee: When submitting your application, you typically need to pay the non-refundable visa charge. Depending on the kind and length of the visa, the price may change.
  5. Make a reservation: To make an appointment to submit your visa application, get in touch with the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in China. Doing this far in advance of your anticipated departure date is advised.
  6. Attend the visa interview: As part of the application procedure, you could be asked to appear in person at the Embassy or Consulate. Be ready to discuss your trip arrangements and give any necessary supplementary documentation if questioned.
  7. Wait for visa processing: Because Turkish visa applications might take some time, it's important to submit them well in advance of the trip you want to take. The Embassy or Consulate where you submitted your application is the best place to find out the anticipated processing periods.
  8. Pick up your visa: You will be informed whether your visa application is granted, and you may pick up your visa from the Embassy or Consulate. Before departure, confirm the terms and validity of the visa.

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Visa fees and processing time for the Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens

Visa fees and processing time for Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens are flexible. Depending on your needs, visa services will be provided to you.


The Turkish authorities applied a charge of 61.50 USD for this process. It is obligatory for Chinese citizens who need to acquire a Turkey E-visa. However, Chinese passport holders usually have three pricing ranges to choose from:

  • Standard processing: 136.49 USD. 
  • Rush processing: 185.49 USD. 
  • Super rush processing: 254.49 USD. 

The exact Turkey E-visa fees will be notified to you when you call for visa services. They will advise you thoroughly. Sometimes, they may charge a few additional fees.

Processing time

The processing time for the Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens is usually quick. Most Chinese tourists get their visas within 24 hours after application approval. There is also a priority service with a 1-hour processing guarantee.

If you receive your visa quickly, you will be required to pay a higher fee. Sometimes, the price can be double. Therefore, we still recommend that you apply Turkey E-visa before arriving at the airport. In most cases, you can expect to receive your E-visa confirmation via email. It can take a few minutes to a few hours after submitting your application online. 

Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens - Fees

Visa prices for Turkish E-visas for Chinese citizens are adjustable.

Validity and stay duration for the Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens

Validity and stay duration for the Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens will depend on your visa type. You are required to sign the validity and stay duration commitments to not overstay.


Chinese citizens could normally enter Turkey on several occasions with an electronic visa. It was valid for 180 days after the date of issuance. It also means that you may enter Turkey more than once within 180 days using the E-visa.

Stay duration

Chinese citizens were only permitted to stay in Turkey for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days. You might also live in Turkey for most of the 90 days in the visa's 180-day length of validity. It's essential to adhere to this stay limit to avoid overstaying your visa, which could result in fines or other penalties.

Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens - Stay

The validity and duration of the Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens will be determined by the kind of visa.

General travel tips for the Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens

For Chinese citizens, obtaining an E-visa is a pretty simple process. When applying for and using a Turkey E-visa, you should always bear in mind the following general travel advice:

  • Verify the visa requirements: Check to see if you qualify for an E-visa and check the special criteria for Chinese citizens on the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website before making travel arrangements.
  • Apply early: Before the dates of your trip, you should submit your E-visa application. Even though the processing time is often short, it's a good idea to leave some additional time in case there are any unanticipated delays.
  • Valid passport: It is important to ensure that your passport remains valid for a minimum of six months beyond your intended departure date from Turkey. Before applying for an E-visa, think about renewing your passport if it is about to expire.
  • Accurate information: Verify the correctness of every piece of information you include in your E-visa application. Any errors can cause delays or visa rejections.
  • Document requirements: Be ready to upload any relevant papers during the E-visa application procedure. You should print a copy of these papers.
  • Visa charge: During the application procedure, pay the E-visa charge using a legitimate credit or debit card. Observe the payment confirmation and keep a copy.
  • Print your E-visa: Once your E-visa has been granted, print a copy of it and keep it with you when traveling to Turkey. Even while it's frequently not physically stamped in your passport, having a printed copy on hand might be useful in case immigration officials ask for one.
  • Duration of stay: To prevent overstaying, you should be aware of the maximum stay term permitted by your E-visa (usually 90 days within 180 days). Please plan your trip appropriately.
  • Travel insurance: If you want to visit Turkey, you should think about getting travel insurance that will pay for any unexpected medical costs, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Local laws and customs: Become familiar with Turkey's regional laws and practices. Be mindful of any particular restrictions or regulations that may apply to visitors while also respecting the nation's culture and customs.
  • Emergency contacts: Carry a copy of three emergency contacts with you at all times. Give a family member or acquaintance you can trust a copy of your trip plans and your contact information.
  • Currency: Before leaving on your vacation, you should familiarize yourself with the Turkish Lira. Although credit and debit cards are commonly used, it's always a good idea to keep some cash on hand for small purchases. You can refer to the current conversion rate: 1 TRY = 0.036 USD.
  • Safety precautions: Travelers should take standard safety precautions. These precautions may protect you from busy or unknown locations at night. You can avoid the fraud or scams.
  • Language: Even though English is widely spoken in tourist regions, it might be useful to learn some simple Turkish phrases or utilize translation applications to interact with locals.
  • Health precautions: Before coming to Turkey, find out whether any vaccines or other health measures are advised. Keep all prescription paperwork and any essential drugs with you.
  • Travel itinerary: Make a trip schedule that contains the locations of your accommodations, scheduled activities, and flight information. This can be helpful for both preparing for your travel and supplying information if immigration officials ask.
Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens - Culture

It would be best if you learned about Turkey's regional laws and traditions.

Emergency contacts for the Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens

It's crucial to have emergency contacts available while visiting Turkey with an E-visa in case you run into problems or want assistance while you're there. 

Chinese Embassy in Turkey

  • Embassy Address: Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Turkey, Abdullah Cevdet Sokak No. 4, 06540 Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey.
  • Contact Number: +90 312 441 31 71 (Consular Section)
  • Website: http://tr.china-embassy.org/eng/.

Local Emergency services

In the event of an instant emergency, such as an accident, medical condition, or criminal activity, you should call the local emergency number in Turkey at 112. You can contact the police, fire, and medical aid departments, among other emergency services by dialing these numbers below: 

Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens - Emergency contact

In Turkey, you can seek assistance by dialing the local emergency number.

Tourist police

In Turkey, the tourist police are frequently instructed to help foreign visitors and can offer assistance with a variety of problems. These can be missing papers, theft, and emergencies.

Tourist police stations or policemen are often located in major cities and important tourist sites. They can speak English and other languages. Therefore, don't hesitate to approach them to get help. 

Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens - Tourist police

Tourist policemen in Turkey are regularly taught to assist international visitors.

Your country's Embassy or Consulate

If you want assistance while visiting Turkey, get in touch with the Embassy or Consulate of your home nation. They can assist with crises, missing passports, and other consular needs. This would be the Chinese Embassy in Ankara or, if relevant, the Chinese Consulate in Istanbul for Chinese citizens.

Travel insurance provider

Keep your travel insurance provider's contact details in your bag. You'll need to get in touch with your insurance provider if you have: A medical emergency, a trip cancellation, or experience unwanted events. It can give you the support and to file a claim.

Local contacts

Make sure you have the phone numbers for your hotel or other lodging, regional tour guides, and any Turkish contacts you may have. They can be useful in non-emergency scenarios like altered travel schedules or transit problems.

Emergency services app

Consider obtaining and utilizing a travel safety app that offers up-to-date notifications, local contacts, and emergency information for the area you're traveling.

Language assistance

Consider employing translation services or apps to help you communicate with locals or first responders if you don't know Turkish and require linguistic assistance.

Keeping paper and online copies of crucial contact information on hand is a smart idea. The phone numbers and locations of the embassies could be included.

Also, let a family member or trusted friend know about your vacation intentions and provide them with your itinerary and emergency contacts. From your nation, they can get in touch with you or help you.

Keep in mind that guidelines and restrictions for travel might change. Before your journey, it is essential to confirm the most recent information and instructions from reliable sources. Additionally, you should always be up-to-date on the local situation and any travel warnings that your government may have issued.

We are delighted that the information on the Turkey E-visa for Chinese citizens will assist you in completing your trip. Please be aware that once all report standards must be exact and satisfied. We hope that your adventure to Turkey will be enjoyable.

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