Biometric photo for Turkey Visa

  • July 10,2023

A biometric photo is a crucial component of the process of finishing documentation for a Turkey Visa. Therefore, a biometric photo for Turkey Visa must satisfy certain requirements in order to be accepted. What then are those requirements, and how are they put into practice?


Measuring bodily traits is all that biometrics does. Based on an individual's exact face feature measurements, a biometric image is produced. 

A biometric photograph was established in 2006. The UK and the majority of the EU member states are now among the 85 nations using biometric passports. Taking a biometric picture is a requirement for finishing the application for a visa to Turkey.

For use on passports, visas, and other official papers as well as for applications, a biometric photograph for Turkey Visa must adhere to international standards. Selfies, casual poses, photoshopped images, or images of you that are cut out of a larger group photo, for instance, will not be accepted. 

It is usually advisable to have a collection of biometric images of oneself when residing in Turkey. Nearly every time you submit an application, you will need them.


The photo must meet precise Turkish biometric photo requirements involving the width of the shoulders. Also, the placement of the eyes, and the length of the head must meet certain size requirements. 

Sometimes the laws are intricate and difficult to understand. You can use the steps below to get a biometric photo for a Turkey e-Visa:

  • Go to a professional photographer or a facility that specializes in taking images for passports and visas. They will be equipped with the right tools and skills to take a biometric photo that satisfies the criteria.
  • Explain to the photographer that a biometric picture is required for a Turkey Visa. They ought to be aware of the particular criteria, but it never hurts to verify.
  • Be careful to dress appropriately for the picture. Do not cover your face with hats, glasses, or any other items. Your face must be clearly visible in the shot.
  • Preferably white or off-white should serve as the image's default backdrop color. A cluttered or patterned backdrop should be avoided.
  • The image should be in color rather than monochrome.
  • Ensure that the image is current and accurately depicts your appearance now.  It can't be more than six months old. 
  • After the picture is taken, request a digital copy from the photographer. It will be needed in order to apply for a visa.

Biometric photo for turkey visa

Biometric photo for Turkey Visa


Comply with the precise requirements for Turkey Visa photo measurements, which are normally 50mm x 60mm. Besides, you also need to pay more attention to the appearance and quality of the image.

  • Face: The candidate must stare squarely towards the camera with both eyes open and a neutral expression. The candidate must not grin and must keep their mouth shut.
  • Head position: The face should be fully visible and the head and shoulders should be centered in the frame. There shouldn't be any head twisting or tilting. The head must be squared off with a camera and measured at 20 to 30 mm.
  • Clothing: The candidate should not wear any items that might hide their face, such as hats, headscarves, or sunglasses. However, as long as it does not hide the face, religious headgear like a hijab or turban is acceptable.
  • Lighting: The image should have good lighting, be clear of shadows, and not have any red-eye or severe glare effects.
  • Image quality: There must be no apparent pixels or blurriness, and the photo must be crisp and of good resolution.
  • Print quality: The photo must be printed using a professional printer and high-quality photo paper. It shouldn't be edited or manipulated digitally in any manner. 

It's vital to remember that these specifications of the Turkey e-Visa might change based on the particular application or Turkish authority seeking the biometric picture. 


The cost of a Turkey Visa biometric photo is typically negotiable based on the place where the photo is taken. Depending on where you choose to take pictures, the price can range from 0.5 USD to 2.0 USD

You may expect to spend 19.03 TRY for a package of two photographs. When converted to USD, the amount will fluctuate around 0.73 USD. 

Using a post office or other businesses, however, the identical collection of images will cost roughly 50 TRY (approximately 1.91 USD). 


The precise criteria of the Turkish consulate or embassy where you will submit your visa application may somewhat differ from those listed below. 

Prior to uploading your photo, it is generally a good idea to confirm the specifications with the appropriate authority. The most current and accurate information may always be found by visiting the embassy or consulate's official website. 

The information above assists you in comprehending the biometric photo for the Turkey Visa as well as a few other conditions you must meet in order to visit Turkey legally. 

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