How to apply for Turkey e visa multiple entry? 

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 29, 2024 1:13 PM

Turkey has been famous for various forms of tourism over the years. Besides that, with the cultural diversity and tasty cuisine, international tourists desire Turkey. In the meantime, people are officially allowed to enter the country with a Turkey e-Visa online. However, there is a question related to a Turkey E-visa multiple entry raised among all applicants. Therefore, if you are curious about this concern, let’s read this article until the end.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Turkey e visa multiple entry

What is an e-visa multiple entry? 

  • A multiple entry visa enables passport holders to travel to the other country on more than one trip. 
  • In comparison with single-entry visas, this allows passport holders to travel to enter with only a single visit. 
  • If the country you wish to enter offers a Turkey e-visa multiple entry, you are not required to re-apply for another permit per trip.

Is Turkey allowed an e-visa multiple entry? 

The government of Turkey introduced an e-visa multiple entry in 2013 enabling holders to obtain multiple-entry visas. However, there are certain countries where you can get either a single or multiple entry. In other words, depending on the nationality of the passport holder, you will get one of the two. 

♦ Aiming to encourage tourists to switch to the e-visa, they will save a great deal of time and effort when registering for this type of visa. 

♦ Citizens of eligible countries are required to complete the Turkey online e-Visa application form before embarking on the country. 

♦ For the purpose of tourism and business, Turkey e-visa is a sensible choice because such applicants only need to stay in the nation for a short period of time. Besides that, applicants can apply for Turkey transit Visa online. 

♦ The processing times are flexible and completed in a couple of minutes. Moreover, tourists no longer go to the embassy or consulate on-site. 

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Are there any requirements for Turkey e visa multiple entry? 

There are several requirements for a Turkey e-visa multiple entry that all applicants should fulfill beforehand: 

  • Validity of the visa: Your visa is still valid for three months from the date of issue.
  • Duration of the visa: Valid duration period of a Turkey e visa multiple entry lasts more or less 6 months and does not exceed 1 year. As for the holders who reside in the country for about a 3-week period at each visit.
  • Fee: (50) Turkey riyals, or currency equivalent.
  • Non-renewable.
  • Two format photos (4 x 6) cm.
  • A copy of the valid foreign passport for a period of at least six months.
  • A copy of the Signing Signatures Signature Sheet issued by the Department of Trade and Industry (for local sponsored applications).
  • A valid copy of the certificate of the Turkey Chamber of Commerce and Industry (for an application submitted with local sponsorship) and a valid copy of the commercial register.
  • Cover letter of the Guarantor with signature and stamp explaining your visit purpose. 
  • An individual for whom the request is submitted must be in the Sultanate with an express visa on the responsibility of the same guarantor.
  • Turkey Tourist Visa.

Note: Depending on each period and the nationality, the requirement can be changed. Hence, you can visit the government website for more details. 

How long can visitors stay with a Turkey e Visa multiple entry?

All entries must be made within the 180-day validity period. 

For instance, electronic Turkey e-Visas for US citizens are multiple-entry and they have the right to stay 180 days of the validity period.

If you want to obtain a multiple entry visa, why don’t you choose an electronic visa? 

  • If you want to go on a business trip to Turkey many times within a year, applying for a Turkey e visa is an obvious choice. 
  • You do not need to go to the embassy or consulate on-site anymore because all that you can do is available on the internet. 
  • Processing times are quite fast. 
  • Turkey e-visa is available for all ports of entry including air, land, and sea port. 

How to apply for Turkey e visa multiple entry? 

There are three basic steps to obtain a Turkey e-Visa. Going through the following steps, you manage to get an e-Visa. 

Step 1: Take an online application

There are two ways to complete the application form

First way: If you find it demanding to complete this step, you should opt for this solution. You can provide your full name, email address, phone number through the enclosed form. After that, there will be an expert from our agency who will help you as soon as possible. 

Second way: You can visit the website of the Turkish government. Then, you should find and fill out the application form.

Step 2: Make payment for your e-Visa. 

  • For the means of payment, you can only pay with credit cards, debit cards or PayPal accounts. Please keep in mind that cash is not accepted for this kind of application.

Step 3: Get your e-Visa and print it out. 

  • After your payment, you will get an e-Visa within the timeframe you choose. Then, you have to download and present it out at the Immigration Checkpoint.

Who is eligible for a Turkey e-visa? 

If you are a citizen coming from one of the following countries below, you are officially eligible for a Turkey e-visa

  • Afghanistan
  •  Algeria
  •  Angola
  •  Antigua and Barbuda
  •  Armenia
  •  Australia
  •  Bahamas
  •  Bahrain
  •  Bangladesh
  •  Barbados
  •  Benin
  •  Bermuda
  •  Bhutan
  •  Botswana
  •  Burkina Faso
  •  Burundi
  •  Cambodia




  • Cote d'Ivoire
  •  Cyprus
  •  Djibouti
  •  Dominica
  •  Dominican Republic
  •  Egypt
  •  Equatorial Guinea
  •  Eritrea
  •  Ethiopia
  •  Fiji
  •  Gabon
  •  Gambia
  •  Ghana
  •  Grenada
  •  Guinea
  •  Guinea-Bissau
  •  Haiti
  •  Hong Kong
  •  India
  •  Iraq
  •  Jamaica
  •  Kenya
  •  Kuwait
  •  Lesotho
  • Liberia
  •  Libya
  •  Madagascar
  •  Malawi
  •  Maldives
  •  Mauritania
  •  Mauritius
  •  Mexico
  •  Mozambique
  •  Namibia
  •  Nepal
  •  Niger
  •  Nigeria
  •  Oman
  •  Philippines
  •  Rwanda
  •  Saint Lucia
  •  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  •  Sao Tome and Principe
  •  Saudi Arabia
  •  Senegal
  •  Sierra Leone
  •  Solomon Islands
  •  South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  •  Sudan
  •  Suriname
  •  Swaziland
  •  Taiwan
  •  Tanzania
  •  Timor-Leste
  •  Togo
  •  Uganda
  •  United Arab Emirates
  •  United States of America
  •  Vanuatu
  •  Vietnam
  •  Yemen
  •  Zambia
  •  Zimbabwe 
  • Congo, Democratic Republic of the
  •  Cameroon
  •  Canada
  •  Cape Verde
  •  Chad
  •  China
  •  Comoros

Where should I contact if I have doubts and need more information?

If you have any questions so far related to the Turkey e-visa multiple entry, do not hesitate to let us know via our website by leaving a message in the chat box section and hotline. We are willing to give you a hand if you are in need. 

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