Turkey Visa Photo Requirements & Specifications For Visa Application

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 29, 2024 9:31 PM

When it comes to Turkey Visa Photo Requirements and Specifications, precision is key. Whether you're applying for a passport renewal or a visa, your photos must adhere to strict standards. Therefore, let's take a quick look at all our incredible tips down below, follow them closely, and rest assured that your photo will be flawless on your application.

Turkey Visa photo size requirements and other specifications

Following are some of the Turkish visa photo requirements and specifications. That also includes the photo size required for a Turkey visa. Therefore, you should pay attention to and consider this when taking your visa photos.

Turkey Visa photo size and dimensions

The Turkey visa photo size in mm must be 50 x 60. In detail, you must follow these points:

  • The top of your hair and the bottom of your chin should cover 32mm to 36mm of the photo.

  • The space between the top of your hairline and the picture frame must be 3mm to 5mm.

  • Your shoulders should cover the rest of the photo.

Simultaneously, the Turkey visa photo size in inches must be 2x2, along with the other requirements mentioned above.


For the lighting requirements for your visa photos, you should note down that:

  • Your photo must be in true, natural color.

  • Photos with high or low exposure and contrast are unacceptable.

  • Photos with blurry facial features and pale or darker skin are not recommended. In this case, you need to pay attention to an appropriate amount of light exposure.

  • Photos with the indistinctive eye color caused by the flash reflections in your eyes should be avoided.


For the purpose of a visa application, your photo background must be:

  • A one-color background

  • White

  • Not any objects behind or in front of you, including shadows

  • Not a picture with colorful and patterned backgrounds.

Turkey Visa photo size

The Turkey Visa photo size is one of the most important requirements.

Photo Quality

At this point, remember that:

  • They must be clear pictures with proper contrast.

  • Take high-resolution photos with no blur to get the best quality.

  • There must not be any ink marks, creases, or staple marks on your photos.

Head position and facial expression

Similarly, the following are crucial:

  • Your face must cover at least 80% of the photo.

  • Keep your head in a straight position to show your facial features noticeably.

  • Avoid tilting your head or turning around.

  • Display a neutral facial expression.

  • Avoid smiling, smirking, or teeth showing.


To get an eligible visa photo, you must:

  • Look directly at the camera.

  • Open your eyes normally.

  • Show your eye color visibly in the photo.

  • Do not close your eyes or look away from the camera.

  • Do not squint while taking the picture.

  • Do not wear accessories that will cover your eye shape or color.

  • Avoid getting red-flash reflections in your eyes.


Your facial features are the most important thing that needs to be focused on. Therefore, please avoid accessories that cover these features.

For instance, you cannot wear glasses or other accessories with tinted lenses that cover your eye color. That is similar to other facial features such as eyes, face, hair, nose, mouth, etc.

Turkey visa photo requirements for minors and babies

Visa photo requirements for minors

Both visa photo requirements for minors and babies share common features with those for normal visa photos. Let’s go into detail! Minors applying for a Turkish visa must take their visa photos that:

  • Have a white background, standing straight, with a Turkey Visa photo size of 50 x 60 mm.

  • Have the eyes looking directly at the camera.

  • Show a neutral facial expression.

  • Show a visible facial expression.

  • Are not taken when children are smiling, keeping their mouths open, or closing their eyes.

Note: The requirements above can vary depending on the age of the minor.

Visa photo requirements for babies

Children under 12 months old can have their picture taken when they are lying down on a white blanket or sitting on a baby chair.

Make sure that their eyes are open to show the eye color without any appearance of your hands or toys in the photo background. Otherwise, the baby’s open mouth is acceptable. Remember to cut it to the proper Turkey Visa photo size.

Turkey visa photo submission

While submitting the application form and other documents, you must also submit a photo.

The visa application can be submitted with photos glued or stapled on, depending on the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country.

Ensure your pictures keep their original form and the photo size required for Turkey visa while being attached to the application form for submission.

Turkey E-visa applicants are exempt from a photo submission.

In conclusion, travelers must prepare visa photos in accordance with the photo requirements mentioned above for adults, minors, and babies. Ensure that they are proper photos in the correct Turkey Visa photo size. Please contact us at +1 315 715 8498 or [email protected] if you want further assistance.

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