Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Zambia

By Hana Emily
Posted on Jun 11, 2024 3:46 AM

If you are a citizen of Zambia and having trouble applying for Turkey e-Visa? Wondering where to begin and what it requires to safely enter Turkey for sightseeing or conducting business? Follow our website to see the instructions online for the simple and easily obtained e-Visa for you. When all the travel hassles are professionally resolved, delightful flying is 100% guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Turkey e-Visa for Citizens of Zambia

What is e-Visa Turkey?

The e-Visa is a legally electronic document to enter a foreign country manually on the Internet by applicants who wish to travel or do business on its territory. 

Once you’ve received the e-Visa, The extension of it will only last for 180 days. During this time, you can make your travel any moment you wish.

For each travel you make, you can only stay for a total of 30 days. It’s essential to notice this before you plan on visiting Turkey.

How do I apply for a Turkey e-Visa?

Here is the simple but important instruction you should put into your Never-forget-this-ever note while applying. Follow these steps closely and no trouble will be caused you on your trip at all.

Step 1: Apply for Visa Online

  • Get started by filling out the secure online form.
  • In this step, you need to fill in the application using the correct information that must be matched with your passport.

Step 2: Pay and Confirm

  • Please have a check order summary to make sure all the information is correct.
  • We accept most major credit or debit cards: Visa, MasterCard. The fee includes the Service fee and the Government fee.
  • After a successful payment process, please check your email for a detailed receipt and provide the required documents by replying or sending it to our email [email protected] as an attachment.

Step 3: Enter Destination

  1. After receiving a full document from you, Turkey e-Visa will be processed by the Government.
  2. Application status will also be updated via email so please check your email frequently.
  3. When you receive E-Visa, kindly print and show it at the Immigration Checkpoint.

How to apply for a Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Zambia

What document should I require more?

You can find Turkish e-Visa requirements which mainly include the visa document and eligibility criteria. 

Scanned Bio Page of the Passport

  • Format: PDF – JPEG – PNG
  • Show clearly full biographical data including photo, personal information, ICAO lines (full name, passport number, nationality, place of birth, expiration date, …)
  • A passport has at least 6 months of validity from the day of arrival and also has plenty of blank pages for visa stamps before you leave.
  • Pakistan citizens who have valid visas or residence permits from Schengen, US, UK, and Ireland will be eligible for Turkish e-Visa. For more information, you can refer to our following article.

After finishing the Required Documents mentioned above, please send us via our email [email protected]

If your intention is to extend the time of staying due to some sort of unwanted problem. I suggest you come to the nearest Provincial Directorate of Migration Management for a residence permit.

Reside in Turkey beyond the expiration date without taking action towards the condition above you will be asked to pay fines, you might be deported and be prohibited from entering the territory for a specific period of time depending on the level of mistake you commit.

Attention on Turkey visa applications for Zambian citizens

  • For Zambian citizens, Supporting documents are needed.
  • The e-visa is only available for one entry only. For multiple entries, Zambian citizens can not acquire this type of e-Visa.
  • E-Visa Turkey can be applied for one person only. For people traveling with children please instruct them similarly to in question 2.
  • The fee will cost 50$ per person.

I have more questions, where can I find more info?

For more information on the trip to Turkey. You can access our homepage for thorough advice from our enthusiastic consultant online or you can find the questions and answers here.


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