Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Mozambique

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 18, 2024 5:05 PM

Turkey has been a hot destination for tourism thanks to its beautiful landscapes and blue beaches. Besides, this land is also a good choice for those who have a deep love for history as it possesses numerous amazing historical sites. Lately, with the introduction of the Turkey e-Visa for Mozambique citizens, it is not too difficult for citizens of Mozambique to have a short vacation here. If you are interested, let's scroll down for more details!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) about Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Mozambique

What is a Turkey e-Visa?

E-visa is a visa made and received online after only 5 ” of registration and information, which is very convenient for tourists. However, this type of visa is only applicable to visitors with valid Schengen visas or that of the UK, US, and Finland and to those who meet some other criteria as follows:

  •         Customers who travel or make business.
  •         Visa is valid until the end of tourism in Turkey.
  •         There is a round trip flight ticket from Turkish Airlines.

What are the documents required to apply?

You have to prepare the following documents in order to apply for a Turkish visa:

  • Your original passport (at least 6 months in validity after arrival to Turkey)
  • A Credit / Debit card / Paypal account
  • Digital Passport Scan (main page)
  • A valid email address

[caption id="attachment_2965" align="aligncenter" width="787"]Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Mozambique| Crucial documents for Turkey e-Visa application The applicants must fully and correctly provide the documents listed above to be able to obtain the e-Visa on schedule.[/caption]

How can I apply for a Turkey Tourist e-Visa?

Step 1: Apply for Visa Online

  • Get started by filling out the secure online form.
  • In this step, you need to fill in the application using the correct information that must be matched with your passport.

Step 2: Pay and Confirm

  • Please have a check order summary to make sure all the information is correct.
  • We accept most major credit or debit cards: Visa, MasterCard. The fee includes the Service fee and the Government fee.
  • After a successful payment process, please check your email for a detailed receipt and provide the required documents by replying or sending it to our email [email protected] as an attachment.

Step 3: Enter Destination

  • After receiving a full document from you, Turkey e-Visa will be processed by the Government.
  • Application status will also be updated via email so please check your email frequently.
  • When you receive an e-Visa, kindly print and show it at Immigration Checkpoint.

How can I apply for my family or friends?

By conducting some simple steps on our safe, prestigious website. You can absolutely help your family and friends to guarantee a safe process for applying online following by these steps:

  1.           Full fill out the secure application form online
  2.           Double check all information that you're providing and submit the supplemental documents if any.
  3.           After receiving Turkey e-Visa via email, you can send it to your family and friends


 -  Make sure that your family and friends have the same nationality.

 -   Add “add person” to do for a group of family or friends

­After you have finished your procedure, you will receive an email notification that we send with the result of your visa being approved by the Turkey government.

What can I do if I make a mistake in my application?

After you have completed all the personal information for your e-Visa requirement. Suddenly, you might discover or suspect if there are any errors taking place during the process of application. You can contact directly our Support Experts via a message box, email or our hotline for detailed consultancy.

How to read e-Visa Turkey?

The Turkey e-Visa will look exactly like this. It contains all the personal information that you filled in online before. If you look closely, the validation of the e-Visa printed on the right column tells you the expiration date and the beginning date of it with the duration of stay, number of entries.

What are the processing times and prices?

As you finish applying for a Turkish e-Visa, we only accept payment through credit or debit cards such as; Visa card, Master card. Types of fees that you have to pay to comprise Government fees and Service fees. If an applicant carries Mozambique nationality, the government fee you must pay is 60$ USD per person. As for the service fee, we categorized it into three different types based on your need.

  • Normal Processing: $59
  • Emergency Processing: $79
  • Rush Processing: $89

[caption id="attachment_2966" align="aligncenter" width="787"]Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Mozambique| Processing time and service fees of Turkey e-Visa application Depending on the processing times and service fees the applicants choose, they will receive the results punctually.[/caption]

How many types of visas are there?

There are normally two types of tourist visas

A single-entry (tek giriş) visa allows you to enter Turkey once. After you leave, no matter how long you’ve stayed in Turkey, you must pay for another visa to enter Turkey again. As for Mozambique citizens, this is your type of visa

A multiple-entry (müteaddit giriş) visa allows you to enter and leave Turkey multiple times within its period of validity (normally 30 days) at no additional charge.

I want to extend my stay in Turkey. What should I do?

There are 2 situations that will happen if your e-Visa expires: In Turkey and not in Turkey.

  •         As for the person who has his/her e-Visa expire in the territory of Turkey: If you want to stay in Turkey until after the date indicated on your visa, you need to report to the local police, Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Here, it is possible to arrange for an extension or a (permanent) residence permit.
  •         As for the person who has his/her e-Visa expire outside Turkey: If you are outside of Turkey at the moment your visa expires, you can always apply for a new one. This can be done on this website through the online application form. The visa for Turkey is valid for 180 days. You don’t need to wait until these 180 days have expired. You can file for an unlimited number of visas for Turkey each year.

How do I get help if my visa application is refused?

The most common reason for a Turkey e-Visa rejection is actually a simple thing to avoid. The majority of rejected Turkey visa applications contain false or incorrect information, as even small mistakes may result in the electronic visa being denied. Therefore, it is essential to double-check that all of the data provided on the Turkish e-Visa application are correct and match the details of the traveler’s passport before submitting the form.

I want to know further information, what should I do?

To be timely supported, you can chat with our Support Experts via the Message box on the right side of the homepage or you can find more information and questions here.

In conclusion, with more than 10 years of experience in visa online services, http://www.turkey-evisagov.com/ will be the most prestigious website that Mozambique citizens can choose to obtain a Turkish e--Visa. Mozambique citizens can now easily apply for a Turkish visa in just 5 minutes on a computer. You will neither need to spend a lot of time going to the embassy nor have to worry about the processing time. Click here to apply now.

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