Turkey e-Visa for Citizens of Maldives

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 29, 2024 3:10 AM

Being one of the countries eligible for a Turkey e-Visa, citizens of Maldives do not have to ask for a sticker visa at the embassy anymore. Instead, they can apply for an electronic visa at home which takes only a little time to finish. If you want to possess an e-Visa but have no idea about what to do, the following instructions may help you out.


What items do citizens of Maldives need to prepare before a Turkey e-Visa application?

All you need to prepare for a Turkey e-Visa application  are:

  • A passport: a passport is super necessary for an e-Visa application. If you do not have one, you have to apply for it before an e-Visa. If you already have one, make sure that it is still valid.
  • An email address: it is a means for you to get new information about your e-Visa, so you should provide the one that you usually use in order not to miss anything.
  • A means of payment: Any means of payment among Mastercard, debit cards, credit cards or PayPal accounts are accepted. However, you cannot pay with cash.

How much does a Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Haiti take?

To get a Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Haiti, you have to pay for both government and service fees. The cost may change according to your choice:

Government fee: $20

Service fee:

  • Normal Processing: $59
  • Emergency Processing: $79
  • Rush Processing: $89

How long is the process of making a Turkey e-Visa?

We offer three periods of time so that you can find the one fitting your plan:

  • Normal Processing: 3 business days
  • Emergency Processing: 12 business hours
  • Rush Processing: 4 business hours

Within the timeframe that you pick, your e-Visa will be sent via email.

How many steps are there for a Turkey e-Visa application?

These are instructions that you can take step by step to get a Turkey e-Visa:


  • There is an online application available on this link. You can access it and provide all the information about your name, date of birth, e-mail address, passport, purposes of the trips and phone number. 
  • Do not forget to go over to see if there is something wrong with numbers and spelling.

Make payment

  • You can pay for your e-Visa with some methods such as debit cards, credit cards, PayPal accounts, Mastercard, etc.


  • After your e-Visa is sent to you via email, you have to print it out and display it at the Immigration Checkpoint.

How long am I allowed to stay in Turkey with an e Visa?

A Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Maldives is valid for 180 days. However, the duration of your trips cannot be over 90 days.

Who should I contact for more details about the Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Maldives?

To find out more information about Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Maldives, you can contact us at our website and raise all of your concerns. Our experts will be there to give you helpful advice in the shortest possible time.


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