Turkish cuisine - mouthwatering to special food in Turkey

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 30, 2024 3:01 AM

Talking about Turkey, we can't stand thinking of its numerous blue beaches lying amid poetry landscapes. Besides, it is also famous for outstanding architecture from ancient times shown in a lot of historical places. Additionally, when coming here for holidays, you will have a chance to join many festivals only occurring on this land. If you are a foodie, Turkey is also a good choice for you as it has various tasty dishes from main meals to snacks. In case you are looking for something to eat here, let's keep reading for some suggestions about Turkish cuisine!


In Turkey, breakfast is an indispensable thing that people rarely miss after getting up. Therefore, their first meal of the day is very well-prepared in order to provide them with much energy for a new start.

If you wake up early in the morning and want to have a simple breakfast due to the lack of time, menemen is a nice option for you because it contains plenty of healthy ingredients and takes a very short time to cook.

The main ingredients of this food are eggs. Besides, there are different kinds of vegetables added to it such as tomatoes, onions, black peppers and herbs to give a good smell. Depending on your favorite, you can choose to put in some toppings like sausages or cheese to have a better taste. Menemen is usually eaten with bread as we eat beefsteak in Vietnam.

Menemen - Turkish Foodie

Doner kebab

Doner kebab may be the first thing to come up when mentioning Turkey. This is not only a tasty dish famous all around the world but also a great street food that you must try on arrival to this country.

"Doner" in Turkish means "roasted". Indeed, people use a long stick full of meat on it and roast until the meat is edible. When making a kebab, they put thin slices of roasted mutton or beef on the sandwiches. Then, green vegetables are also added for a good combination.

There are different types of kebabs based on what is included inside them. For example, some kebabs are made with mutton while others consist of beef. Thanks to its variety, you can pick the one you would like to try the most.

Çig Köfte

Çig Köfte is the name of a dish which is raw meatballs. For a long period since the age of Abraham, this special kind of food has been popular with both local citizens and foreign visitors for its unique taste and flavor.

Çiğ Köfte - Raw Meatball - كرات اللحم الخام - Picture of Ziya Sark Sofrasi, Istanbul - Tripadvisor

In the past, çig köfte was a mixture of spices, herbs, fresh meat and bulgur. However, in modern days, it is changed a little bit to fit most of the foodies' tastes. In fact, the shift in çig köfte's recipe partly results from new rules regulated by The European Union in 2009.

To make it more eye-catching, the chefs usually decorate this dish with green herbs on top. Then, they give some lemon juice and roll it in green leaves or bread so that it can be taken away.


First created for a quick breakfast in the morning, Simit has been a favorite of numerous foodies thanks to its sweetness and good smell. Besides, you will also be attracted by the nice color of its cover full of seeds such as sesame. For those reasons, people now eat simit at any point time during the day as a kind of tasty snack.

Simit Recipe (With Video)

Wandering some streets in Turkey, it is not difficult for you to find a stall selling simit at every corner. Additionally, sometimes there are people putting a big basket of this sweet food on their heads and going around the roads to market their products. Hence, you can buy them at home without having to go out for a while.

What's the Difference Between a New York and a Turkish Bagel? | MyRecipes

As it is a bit dry, the Turkish usually have a glass of milk with them while eating simit. Should you not be a fan of this beverage, you can take a cup of coffee as an alternative.

Corba soup

If you have set foot on the Westen land, you will find out that soup is one of the most popular dishes here. As this kind of food is easy to digest, people have created different recipes to make it various and give foodies more options to choose from. Among those, CORBA is the most well-known for its high nutrient value and tastiness.

Tuscan Turkey, Kale, and White Bean Soup – Food Life Love

This type of soup is most preferred in the morning when you have just wakened up and got nothing in your belly. Then, a spoonful of this hot thing will help to warm yourself to begin a good day.

Normally, Corba is cooked with some tomatoes. However, you can put other ingredients which you like to eat such as herbs, carrots, pumpkins and so on. If you do not have enough time for cooking, you can also try it outside in restaurants or at your homestays. Although it may be different depending on how the chefs cook, Corba remains its flavor that you cannot forget once eating.


Having s trip to Turkey, you cannot miss manti on your what-to-eat list. At first sight, it looks like dim sum in Asia. However, there is a little difference in the ingredients.

If dim sums are made from a thin layer of dough covering ground pork or shrimp, Manti is kind of the same but inside it is mutton and beef. Before being cooked, minced meat is mixed with some spices to give a suitable palate for eaters.

Turkish Manti | Traditional Turkish Dish | World Food Story

You can enjoy this delicious dish in many ways. For instance, you can fry it to eat with butter or fresh yogurt. Also, you can boil manti if you do not want to have oil in your meal.

Turkey is a good destination for both history lovers and foodies with diverse kinds of tasty food for you to try. When showing up on this beautiful land, you will have an opportunity to eat unique dishes that you have never known or heard about before, which is a memorable experience you will never forget once you set your foot in Turkey.


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