Turkish coffee - cultural value in a cup of brown drink

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Posted on May 25, 2024 8:45 AM

Turkish Coffee, a delightful and distinct beverage in, has been enchanting coffee enthusiasts for ages due to its unique flavor and exceptional brewing techniques. If you are curious, let the below details awaken your senses to a whole new level of coffee appreciation.

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The exceptional coffee ritual

The Origin of Turkish Coffee

According to some sources, coffee was first introduced to Turkey in 1955 when two Syrian businessmen brought it to Istanbul. Thanks to its good taste, this new kind of drink was then popular throughout the nation only in a short time. 

At the beginning of the 16th century, coffee shops were so prevalent that the they quickly became favorite places for important meetings. However, it was not until in the 17th century did this beverage reach the Ottoman government. After a lot of changes for the best recipe, Turkish coffee has been well-known all over the world and its culture was honored as a heritage by UNESCO in 2013.

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The special origin ...

Coffee as national ritual

Turkey is a country whose main religion is Islam. Therefore, people here are not allowed to drink beverages containing alcohol, which can be an explanation for why coffee is consumed in this nation in a large amounts each year.

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In the 17th century, coffee was an indispensable item that appeared in most of Turkish rituals. People used coffee in important events such as trials and weddings. Especially, before tying the knot with a woman, Turkish men usually judged their wife-to-be by the way she made and served coffee. Hence, women in the past were carefully trained for those skills.

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The unique method of making coffee

In Turkey, people prefer a kind of coffee called Arabica. Coffee after being roasted gives a good flavor that you can't stand smelling. Besides, it is also eye-catching with the specific color of brown.

Arabica hạt rang vừa - Khesaca Coffee

In Istanbul, the most popular way to make coffee is to boil it. First of all, people have to grind it very hard until coffee becomes powder. Then, a certain amount of powder was put in a cezve with cold water and sugar. The mixture is cooked on the fire until it boils for the first time. After that, people stir the liquid and pour a little of them into a cup. The left will be cooked again for the second time. When the process is done, the whole mixture is spilled into mugs and served to drinkers. Coffee cooked this way is a little bit more condensed than usual. In addition, it can retain the bitter taste and good flavor as its origin.

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A unique brewing technique

The right way to enjoy Turkish coffee

Different from other countries, people in Turkey have their own way to enjoy a cup of this brown drink. After pouring coffee into a mug, people have to wait for the powder to stay at the bottom. Then, they start tasting their coffee by having little sips. 


It is the name of a unique culture in Turkey. After drinking up a cup of coffee, the psychic will put a plate on it and keep the cup upside down. By seeing the image formed with the left coffee powder, he will give a prediction for the person sitting in front of him. Although it sounds a bit unreasonable, this is still a special activity that most tourists coming here would like to try for a fortune.

Traditional tools

In the past, there were not many kinds of equipment for cooking. Therefore, coffee in early times was cooked in a cezve, a type of pot in the shape of cones with a flat bottom. Cezves have a simple design with nothing much impressive.

Premium Photo | Turkish coffee in cezve on the sand

Soon after, people created a new tool known as Dallah. This one looked more attractive with different textures carved on it. Therefore, Dallah was not only equipment for making coffee but was also an item for decoration. People in the old days believed that the value of a Dallah accompanied the wealth of its owner.


Coffee containers

Sand coffee

In Turkey, there is a special way to make coffee which is to cook it in the sand. That feature, of this method, is called sand coffee. Sand coffee was derived from Yemen a long time ago and became one of the world's heritages in 2013.

Preparation of Turkish Coffee in Copper Cezve on the Hot Sand by FancyStudio

To make coffee in this way, people have to use a cezve with a long handle for them to hold. The equipment was put into the sand until the liquid inside it boils. However, the key importance is sand because it can keep the temperature for a long period. An oven was put under it so that the heat can go through layers of sand and then reach the cezve. Boiled sand coffee has an eye-catching color of brown and tasty bitterness that you will never forget once trying.

Premium Photo | Turkish coffee prepared in sand with turk

Famous coffee shops in Turkey 

  • Fazıl Bey: established in 1923, Fazıl Bey is one of the oldest coffee shops in Turkey which serves good coffee for local residents as well as tourists from around the world. The shop consists of two levels so that there is more space for people to chill. While enjoying your coffee, you can also listen to different Turkish folk songs. Especially, when coming here, you will have a chance to look at some ancient coffee machines displayed on the second floor.

Fazıl Bey'in Türk Kahvesi Menu

  • Mandabatmaz: located on a narrow street in Beyoğlu, Mandabatmaz is a popular place for you to have a cup of coffee made in Turkish style. With the open design, this coffee shop allows you to smell roasted coffee from the kitchen. There is nothing more interesting than having a chat with your friends while enjoying the bitterness of this brown drink in such a peaceful space. 

Best Places to Drink Turkish Coffee in Istanbul - Istanbul Clues

A culture of street coffee

  • Bebek Kahve: this coffee shop has a beautiful view thanks to the location by the beach. For that reason, it is not surprising if you see a celebrity stop by. Different from others whose luxurious interiors, this shop is decorated with wooden chairs and some simple items. However, the price is pretty high for good quality coffee.

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Turkey is not only a destination for you to chill on the beaches and learn more about history but also a place for you to exchange cultural values. By visiting this country, you will gain lots of interesting experiences and useful knowledge that is not easy to have anywhere else. 

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