What makes Turkey in summer a must-visit wonderland?

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 26, 2024 5:01 PM

Have you ever wondered what makes Turkey in summer a must-visit wonderland? Traveling to Turkey in summer is excellent if you understand the weather and climate well. Simultaneously, you also need to note tips to have a more wonderful trip. Please refer to the information in the article below!


The weather and climate of Turkey might change depending on the location throughout the summer, which typically lasts from June to August. Turkey is a sizable nation with a varied landscape that includes plateaus, mountains, and coastal regions. 

Here is a summary of what to anticipate in various regions of Turkey throughout the summer:

Coastal Regions (Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black Sea coasts)

  • Temperatures: Warm to hot temperatures, with typical highs between 28°C to 35°C (82°F and 95°F).
  • Humidity: Coastal regions often have greater humidity levels, particularly those that border the Black Sea.
  • Precipitation: In most coastal locations, summers are rather dry, with sporadic lightning-spurred showers or thunderstorms.
  • Sea temperatures: Sea temperatures range from 24°C to 28°C (75°F to 82°F). It makes the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas pleasant and inviting for swimming.

Inland Regions (Anatolian Plateau and Central Anatolia)

  • Temperatures: Warm and dry, with typical highs of 30°C to 38°C (86°F to 100°F) or higher.
  • Low humidity: Inland places have lower levels of humidity than coastal ones.
  • Rainfall: During the summer, these areas often have little or no precipitation.
  • Temperature variation: After sunset, temperatures start to drop dramatically. It makes nights potentially chilly.

Eastern Turkey (Eastern Anatolia)

  • Temperatures: Daytime temperatures range from warm to hot, with typical highs between 25°C and 32°C (77°F and 90°F).
  • Cooler nights: At higher elevations, the nighttime temperatures may even be frigid.
  • Rainfall: Some locations receive more rain throughout the summer. It adds to the area's luxuriant vegetation.
  • Landscape variety: The mountains, valleys, and plateaus in eastern Turkey result in a variety of climates in the area.

Southeastern Turkey (Mesopotamia and the Tigris-Euphrates Basin)

  • Temperatures: Extremely hot, with daily highs sometimes topping 40°C (104°F).
  • Arid climate: The area is characterized by arid, desert-like weather with very little humidity.
  • Limited rainfall: The area has a dry climate and receives little rain throughout the summer.
The weather and climate of Turkey in summer

The weather and climate of Turkey in summer


Turkey is a stunning country to visit in the summer. Therefore, you should consider some wonderful places to visit in Turkey. It will give you the best choice for your vacation.

Look at the places to visit in summer in Turkey listed below!

Hot air balloon rides - Cappadocia

Cappadocia's hot air balloon tours provide a magical and fantastical experience across one of Turkey's most alluring landscapes. It encapsulates the romance and wonder of travel.

Colorful balloons soar into the sky as the sun comes up over the horizon. Cappadocia offers a breathtaking view of the area's extraordinary rock formations, prehistoric cave homes, and lovely valleys. 

Passengers are given a serene and stunning experience as they drift softly over the ethereal countryside. It captures the scenes that will last a lifetime in their minds. Adventurers may fully immerse themselves in the beauty and allure of this remarkable location thanks to Cappadocia's hot air balloon rides. 

Turkey in Summer - Cappadocia hot air balloons

Hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia

A fusion of cultures and continents - Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that sits on the border between Europe and Asia. It is a striking example of this blending. 

The city exhibits a complex tapestry of influences with a history spanning ages and cultures, fusing East and West traditions into a beautiful mosaic. One can observe the confluence of Ottoman majesty, Byzantine magnificence, and contemporary life while strolling through its busy alleys. 

Istanbul's rich legacy provides an environment that is both compelling and endlessly intriguing. These give visitors a colorful peek into the mix of cultures that constitute this international metropolis, from the magnificent domes of the Hagia Sophia to the vibrant marketplaces of the Grand Bazaar.

Turkey in Summer - Istanbul fusion

A fusion of cultures and continents in Istanbul

The Heaven of the Aegean - Izmir

Izmir, which is tucked away on the beautiful Aegean Sea coastline, is sometimes referred to as the "Heaven of the Aegean." This charming city offers the ideal fusion of sun-drenched beaches, historical treasures, and a vibrant cultural scene, exuding a laid-back coastal charm. 

Izmir welcomes visitors to discover its fascinating fusion of modernity and history through its palm-lined promenades, busy bazaars, and the landmark Clock Tower. The welcoming nature of its inhabitants and the delectable local food contribute to the charm. These things make it a veritable sanctuary for travelers seeking rest, adventure, and a taste of authentic Aegean paradise.

Turkey in Summer - The Heaven of the Aegean

The Heaven of the Aegean in Izmir

Coastal Beauty - Bodrum

Bodrum is mesmerizing with its crystal-clear seas and magnificent beaches. The famous Castle of St. Peter serves as a monument to the fascinating history of this lovely town. 

Bodrum, known for its exciting nightlife, provides the ideal combination of excitement and leisure. Discover Bodrum's quaint alleyways, vibrant markets, and mouthwatering seafood to experience a seaside paradise unlike any other.

Turkey in Summer - Bodrum Coastal Beauty

Coastal Beauty in Bodrum

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Iconic summer festivals and events in Turkey are really attractive and interesting. These Turkey summer activities will take part in completing your vacation, 

You will regret it if you miss these festivals in Turkey which we recommend below!

Istanbul music festival

The Istanbul Music Festival is a multi-genre musical spectacular that celebrates culture. It is a yearly event that draws top musicians and entertainers from around the world. 

The event presents a distinctive combination of traditional and modern tunes, all set against the backdrop of Istanbul's historic sites. It highlights the strong musical tradition of the city with a robust program of concerts, seminars, and festivals. 

All those who value the power of music may expect a memorable experience at the Istanbul Music Festival.

Turkey in Summer - Istanbul music festival

Istanbul music festival

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

Turkey hosts the esteemed Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival every year. 

It brings together directors, actors, and admirers to celebrate the art of cinema. It provides a venue for displaying both domestic and foreign films. It serves as a center for innovation and cross-cultural exchange thanks to its competitive prizes and varied cinema screenings. 

For individuals who are enthusiastic about movies, the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is a must-attend event.

Turkey in Summer - Antalya Golden Orange Film

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

Oil Wrestling Festival in Edirne

A centuries-old Turkish custom honoring culture and athleticism is the Oil Wrestling Festival in Edirne. It attracts competitors and viewers from all around the world and is held yearly. 

In this unusual event, wrestlers dress in leather leggings and cover themselves in olive oil to compete in the age-old sport of oil wrestling. The competition, which combines athletics and cultural heritage, is held in Edirne's famed Krkpnar Meadow. 

The Edirne Oil Wrestling Festival provides an enthralling look into Turkey's illustrious history and athletic tradition.

Turkey in Summer - Oil Wrestling

Oil Wrestling Festival in Edirne


Consider the following travel tips for summer to have a perfect vacation: 

  • Keep hydrated: Turkey's summer heat may be extreme. Therefore, if you want to keep hydrated during the day, please drink lots of water.
  • Sun protection: To protect oneself from the harsh sun rays when visiting outdoor sites, bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Light clothes: To remain warm, use lightweight, breathable clothes. Additionally, to respect regional customs, think about covering oneself in conservative places.
  • Timing: To escape the midday heat, schedule your outside activities for the early morning or later in the afternoon.
  • Cultural sensitivity: Research and respect regional customs and traditions, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, by exercising cultural sensitivity. When visiting mosques or other religious buildings, dress modestly.
  • Protection against mosquitoes: In some places, mosquitoes may be a bother. Carry bug repellent, and on the nights, think about donning long sleeves and slacks.
  • Local cuisine: Savor light Turkish fare including salads, fruit, and dishes made with yogurt. Avoid eating large meals while it's hot outside.
  • Book accommodation early: Summer is a busy vacation season in Turkey. Therefore reserve your lodgings well in advance to lock in the finest selections. Turkey's summer itinerary is essential. 
  • Discover coastal areas: For milder sea breezes and stunning beaches, visit coastal areas like Bodrum, Antalya, or the Mediterranean coast.
  • Be flexible: Recognize that during the tourist season, some sights could be congested. Plan a flexible schedule and be ready to wait longer.
  • Local events: Attend local celebrations and events while you're there to get a taste of Turkey's vivacious culture.
  • Language basics: Learn some fundamental Turkish words and phrases to improve your communication with locals and demonstrate your respect for their culture.

Although visiting Turkey in summer provides some amazing experiences, keep in mind that you should put your health, safety, and respect for the local culture first. We hope this clarifies your concerns about visiting Turkey in the summer.

Remember to always prepare your Turkey E-visa as well. Your vacation may potentially be hampered by document issues. Please be extremely cautious about this aspect!

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