Turkey- ideal destination for foodies!

  • February 26,2021

Besides well-known beaches surrounded by beautiful landscapes and impressive architecture from ancient times, Turkey is also famous for its unique cuisine. If you are planning a trip to this land but still thinking about what to eat, do not hesitate to scroll down for some suggestions of destinations for foodies in Turkey!

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Turkish cuisine, also known as Anatolia cuisine, is considered the essence of Ottoman cookery. The dishes are a mixture of cooking styles from Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Eastern European that come in diverse decoration and tastes. Turkish food has been popular in some countries in which they sell doner kebab and grilled potatoes. However, once setting foot on this beautiful land, there are many special dishes that you must try. 

Doner Kebab

When talking about Turkey, you cannot skip doner kebab as this is one of the key features of this nation. Doner kebab is a famous street food which is made of vegetables and grilled meat. In the past, people made kebabs with mutton. However, nowadays, in some areas, they combine beef to make it tastier. Mutton and beef are grilled, sliced thinly and then put into bread with tomato, onion, cucumber and other herbs. After that, sources are added to give more tastes. Doner kebab is very eye-catching with lots of colors from meat and vegetables. 


If you are a fan of potatoes, kumpir is a dish that you must try. The recipe for kumpir is kind of simple with easy steps. After being grilled, potatoes are cut in half and smashed with butter. Then, you can choose some toppings to eat with your kumpir such as sausages, corn, olives, sauces, etc.

Turkish Street Food for Hungry Travellers - Property Turkey

Fish sandwiches

Yes, you do not misread. It is a kind of sandwich which is made from fish. People make this dish with fresh grilled fish. Then, they put in some onion and green vegetables. Fish sandwiches are the favorite street food of most tourists when coming to Turkey for their reasonable price and freshness. 

Fish sandwich in turkey 

Grilled chestnuts 

If you come to Turkey in the wintertime, it is not difficult to find grilled chestnuts in every corner of this country. In the cold weather, there is nothing more joyful than holding a bag of grilled chestnuts to eat while walking along the streets with your friends. Grilled chestnuts are fragrant, buttery and lightly sweet, which have been an indispensable snack that helps to warm yourself during the winter.

Farmhouse Roasted Chestnuts – The Fountain Avenue Kitchen


This kind of pastry derives from Central Asia when citizens of this area introduced it to the Turkish. Baklava is made from dough mixed with honey to create a natural smell and sweetness. Then, it is covered with layers of filo containing different types of seeds. Nowadays, people make baklava following the European recipe. However, the good taste of this desert does not change too much and baklava is still one of the special foods in Turkey. 

Giá vé máy bay đi Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ khứ hồi giá rẻ Vietnam Airlines bao nhiêu


Pide is considered Turkish pizza with a lot of toppings put on a thin slide. The flat slide is made in the shape of a boat, then it is covered with toppings such as sujuk, bacon or mutton mixed with some spices and herbs to give a suitable flavor. After that, the cooks will put all of them in the oven at a certain temperature. You will be impressed by the unique taste and crunchy slides of pide since the first bite, that's why this food is popular among tourists who once come to Turkey.

Halloumi Turkish Pide Recipe - olivemagazine

Turkish meatballs

This tasty food is a combination of minced meat and various herbs. Meat after being ground is mixed with some kinds of spices and herbs to make a good taste. Then, the chefs will roll them into balls and start cooking. You can eat Turkish meatballs with bread for breakfast to begin a new day. If bread is not your favorite, you can eat this dish with a bowl of salad, which also gives you a tasty nutritious meal.  

Turkish Meatballs | Meatball Recipe | Tesco Real Food

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