Troia in Turkey - Famous historical place in real life

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 26, 2024 4:58 PM

Not only well-known for numerous blue beaches lying amid attractive landscapes such as Suada, Assos, Alacati, Turkey is also renowned for its great history with a lot of important events. Going through a long period of time, this nation has seen plenty of wars against its enemies during the process of organizing and developing. Those events, which are not happy at all, leave many valuable ancient sites that still exist at this time. Among them, Troia may be one of the most interesting places to visit thanks to its popularity and uniqueness.

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Historical background

If you are a fan of the talented author called Homer, you will at least one time see Troia mentioned in his famous literary works which are “Iliad” and “Odyssey”. Once reading these two masterpieces, people can't stand dreaming for the day that they can set their foot on this land. 

The Far-Reaching Influence of Homer's Epic Poems: the Iliad and the Odyssey
Troy Horse Statue In Turkey

According to the content of those epics, the Trojan war happened around 1184 before Christ when a prince, named Paris, came to Sparta, belonging to ancient Turkey, to kidnap empress Helen. She was the beloved of king Menelaus who was very popular for her beauty at that time. With the purpose of tying the knot with Helen, Paris made Menelaus feel angry and that was the reason why this battle occurred.  

43 Legendary Facts About The Trojan War | Trojan war, Greek warrior, Trojan

The fight run by king Menelaus to beat Troia lasted for nearly ten years. With a lot of effort to take the pretty empress back, he finally defeated this citadel. As a result, Troia was buried deep under the ground for thousands of years.

The process of early discovery

Troia is located in Hisarlik, Canakkale of Turkey. Here lies plenty of mystery unfound left by people in the old days. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that many archeologists want to study this site to get new information.

A very long time ago, around the 19th century, as people said, there used to be a big fan of Homer, known as Heinrich Schliemann, who tried his best to find out more clues about this place. During the excavation, he did spend a big amount of money on technology and land to support his project. However, because he was not an archeologist, he failed to discover the secret of this famous site due to the lack of skills.

150 năm cuộc khai quật thành Troy của Heinrich Schliemann: Huyền thoại vẫn chưa được 'giải mã' | TTVH Online
Frank Calvert - an English diplomat

Fortunately, in 1868, he met Frank Calvert, an England diplomat who also believed that Troia lied under Hisarlik. Before that, Frank Calvert had once worked on his plan to look for something new here but he had to stop for not having enough funds. Luckily, thanks to his political power, the two men were able to get permission for digging this area. After that, another exploration with a detailed plan was carried on. 

A nice result

At first, Calvert and Schliemann had to face different obstacles while running the project. Nonetheless, with the aim to learn about the truth at any price, they continued to work on it for a long time later. Not until 1872 when some ruins were discovered did they get a few hints. 

Roman Ruins of Troia - Portugal ResidentialPortugal Residential

Talking about Hisarlik is a place where the number nine cities lie on each other. In the past, this used to be the site where a crowded market was located. With the age of more than five hundred years, people believe that the two cities belonging to this region are related to ancient Troia based on proofs from archeologists, which is a new basis for further studies afterward.

Hisarlik, Scientific Excavations at Ancient Troy

Interesting story

Depending on the Greek myth, after killing Hector, son of king Pram, the Greek army still could not enter Troia. Hence, they had to come up with an idea in order to beat this firm structure. Accordingly, they made a huge wooden horse from their boats and then got inside it. On the following day, residents of Troia thought they were the winner and were very surprised when seeing the horse. Then, they pulled it into the citadel to celebrate their triumph. Suddenly, thousands of soldiers appeared and occupied the great Troia ever since.

The Building of the Trojan Horse Painting by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo

Nowadays, in front of this famous citadel, there is an enormous horse that local citizens made following the original size in the movie. On arrival here, you will have a chance to climb into it for a real experience. Through this activity, you can understand the feeling of ancient warriors when they hid like that to wait for their opportunity.

Troy – The Real City and the Legend | DocumentaryTube

The famous statue of Troy Horse

The old antique place

On the way to Troia, you will see that it is full of rocks coming in different shapes and sizes. The entrance is crooked and a little bit lower than the streets around. When showing up inside, you can find out that the whole citadel consists of many smaller ones scattered all over the hill. There is also an old theater that is not very big. The space can contain only four hundred people. 

Troy Day Tour From Canakkale | All Turkey Tours

As this place has been built for a long time, there are not many green trees giving shadows to the site. Around the yard, you can see a few plants growing from the dry ground trying to get some light from the sun. Nearby lies an old well with no drop of water in it.  Ancient as it is, Troia is a top destination for those who love to get back to the old days and live in this lively epic.

Roman Ruins of Troia, Setúbal, Portugal

If you go with a group of friends or members of your family, there will be a tour guide who tells you lots of interesting tales. For instance, he will show you where Zeus used to sit to watch the war. Besides, there are also some surprising facts you may never know but for having a journey to here.

Although some details sound unreasonable, Troia is an impressive historical destination that you should at least visit once in your life, especially if you are a lover of “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey”. For its amazing architecture along with its great history, this place was honored as a world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 1998. 

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