Astounding Marriage Customs Only in Turkey

  • September 13,2022

Turkish rituals, which deeply reflect the country's ancient culture and civilization, have greatly enchanted different groups of international tourists for decades. Among those, wedding and marriage customs may be the most outstanding and exotic convention that you may have not ever heard about before. Let's get ready to be astound by the following incredible customs. 

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Nail dyeing

Before the wedding event, the bride will have to get her nails dyed in a red liquid. Tukish ancestors believe that the color of her nails after doing this important marriage custom represents how happy the couple will be. If the color is nice, it means that the two people fit together and there will be hardly any conflict between them. Or else, it's just a matter of time before the relationship comes to an end. For that reason, this tradition has existed for a very long time and is usually done by matchmakers or sisters of the groom.

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Also, it is compulsory for the bride to pick one of her old and abondoned piece of clothes to burn before living in her husband's house. It is an indispensable step as it marks a new chapter of her life.

Bathing the bride

One day ahead of this important event, the girl will be bathed by her mom, female mates or relatives. Moreover, there is also the witness of her mother-in-law while it is taking place. The purpose of this tradition is to wash away all dirtiness of the woman before joining her husband's family. In front of many people, the bride takes off her clothes, goes around the room, kisses them on their hands to show her respect. In return, the mother of the groom will throw some money over her daughter-in-law's head while the others are singing and crying. To be well-prepared for the bathing, the man usually gives his wife perfume, soap, shampoo as well as other necessary things for her to use when everything is done.

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Ceremony at the groom's house

On arrival at the door of the groom's house, the bride will apply buffalos' blood on her cheeks for best wishes. Furthermore, she has to go over a mat made from sheep fur before entering. Then, on behalf of everyone in the family, she gives all the guests present there wheat and money as a thank you. It is said that with this ritual, the girl will have good personalities and obey her parents-in-law. Therefore, this tradition still exists at the current time in some regions in Turkey.

Rules in the modern life

Nowadays, with the development in awareness and changes in society, the government has released new regulations about marriage to make it more suitable. Accordingly, males and females are equal to each other. Hence, they have the right to own their happy conjugal life, which means a husband cannot have a lot of wives as in the past.

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Nonetheless, in spite of shifts in the laws, Islam still allows a husband to have more than one partner, which is the reason why most of the men here marry two times. Although they get permission to do that, they can only choose one among their ladies to write her name in the record.

Compulsory step

In order to live under one roof, first of all, the couple has to organize a wedding at the People committee's department. Here, they will read all the documents related to civil law and then sign in the marriage certificate. After that, they can go back home and have another white veil occasion following Islam. Especially, in this event, the partners will hear the preacher say the Quran sutra.

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Marriage at Committee's department

Only by having those two ceremonies are they declared to be husband and wife. Therefore, if the couple fails to organize one of them, it is considered to be illegal. As a result, their marriage is not official.

Different kinds of wedding


In some rural areas, where the residents are still poor and find it difficult to earn a living, it is not easy to prepare for two wedding parties as the government has regulated. In addition, they cannot afford some expensive items required from their wife-to-be such as cars and houses. Thus, those guys have to think of another way as a replacement and cheating has been one of the most popular ones. In particular, the broom will ask for help from his friends or family to kidnap the bride. Then, they together run away from where they live for a period of time until the girl's parents find out and send a letter to the court. The man will be put in jail if the woman says that he cheated her with a bad purpose. On the other hand, they are admitted to belong to each other without any veil occasion if the girl agreed to go with her fellow.

Slavery wedding

On top of cheating, there is also another type of marriage that is not easy to be found anywhere else called slavery. About this one, the groom-to-be has a difficult living condition, so he has to live in his girlfriend's house for several years and work very hard. If her parents see goodwills from this guy, they will allow the young couple to live together.

Asking for restitution

On the way to the pride's house to pick her up, there will be a group of folks preventing the car of the groom to ask for something from him. In such a situation, he normally gives them items like a towel or money to go on the way. This ritual is a message for the couple that at the first time of their conjugal life, they may have to face lots of obstacles making them unhappy sometimes. Hence, what they should do is to go over those challenges together for better days to come.

Special gifts from family

On the last day at home, the father of the woman gives her three different thread items to remind her about important things. Amongst all, she has to keep in mind that always thinks carefully before saying and is faithful to her husband.

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Henna night gift in Turkish wedding

Turkey is not only the land for nature discovery but it is also a place for those who love to learn about its romantic cultures and customs. When showing up here, there will be plenty of interesting things waiting for you to find out!