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Posted on Jun 10, 2024 4:59 AM

If you love history and love to explore, Cappadocia in Turkey is one of the exciting destinations for you. In Turkey, this is a famous natural wonder recognized by UNESCO in 1985. To have a complete and safe experience, you need to know the latest Cappadocia travel experiences in 2021. Certainly, Cappadocia will leave you with a beautiful impression.

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Cappadocia Overview

Turkey is a country with a unique strategic location between Europe and Asia. Between the three seas, this place is considered a crossroads - where the major economic centers are situated and where battles between different cultures take place.

Turkey has a unique strategic location between Europe and Asia

Time Recommendation for Traveling to Cappadocia 

Turkey weather is relatively chill for you to travel to Cappadocia at any time of the year. Usually, the hottest time here is around 6-8, with temperatures ranging from 34-35 degrees Celsius. In winter, the temperature sometimes drops 2 degrees so you can participate in outdoor skiing. Autumn and spring are also good times to travel but are a bit limited with frequent rain. So, according to our experience, Cappadocia recommends that you look at the weather and climate before starting your trip.

The name Cappadocia (pronounced / kæpədoʊʃə) is a region in central Turkey, mostly in the province of Nevşehir. Cappadocia is in traditional Christian sources throughout history. For the time being, this place is still popularly referred to as an international tourism concept to refer to the area of ​​natural wonders, which is almost the equivalent of today's Nevşehir.

Hotels and Motels in Cappadocia 

Hotels and motels in Cappadocia are beautiful, clean, and comfortable.

  • Garden of Cappadocia

Address: Guven Sokak No: 5 Yukarı mahalle Uchisar, Uchisar, Nevsehir, Turkey

Room Rate: 6-25 $

  • Hotel Seven Brothers

Address: Yeni Mah. Tusan Sok. Yeni Kayseri Cad. No: 15, Nevsehir, Nevsehir, Turkey

Room rates: $ 28.9 - $ 41.3

  • Sakai Cave House

Address: Yukarı Mahalle 105. Sokak No: 23, Nevsehir, Nevsehir, Turkey

Room rates: 41 - 61 $

  • Dalina Hotel

Address: Tekelli Mahallesi Kayabaşı Sokak No: 16 Uçhisar Nevsehir, Uchisar, Nevsehir, Turkey

Room rate: 44 - 46 $

Famous Places in Cappadocia

Interesting and especially here is that visitors can visit the city of Cappadocia looks like a valley of mushrooms. They are undulating rocky mountains formed by lava eruption about 3 million years ago. It has eroded over time, and with the impact of sun, wind, rainwater, and river, they create intriguing and beautiful shapes. Simultaneously, people here have also used their creativity and ability to dig deep into those soft rocks to build cave houses, even the church system, monasteries, etc.

International visitors coming here are very impressed by the perfect beauty of nature with the unique human creations of Cappadocia. Here you can not only gaze at limestone rocks or houses and monasteries in rock caves but also take a glance at cute pigeons in Dove Valley, enjoy the most delicious fruits, explore the underground cities of Cappadocia, etc.

+ Göreme Open Air Museum

The Göreme Open Air Museum is home to several churches where medieval Christian priests chiseled the rock, a relic of intricate murals that date back 1,000 years, and the house for you to learn about the East Romans who created those unique pictures.

There are many famous attractions in Cappadocia

You should not miss Karanlik Kilise (Dark Church) for a well-preserved mural or Nunnery. Which has a church, dining room, kitchen, and many other rooms across seven floors, etc.  When visiting the Göreme Open Air Museum, don't miss the Aynali House and the Tokai Church (Cappadocia's biggest church) just outside the museum.

Visit Cavusin Church before entering the underground maze at Derinkuyu Church and you will admire the Selime Monastery complex (one of the enormous cave structures in Cappadocia).

Famous Dishes in Cappadocia 

It is said that Cappadocia is not only to admire the beautiful scenery, learn exciting things about history but also to feel and enjoy the delicious dishes here. The typical and famous dishes in Cappadocia you should try are kebap, simit, Kahvalti, Dolma and Sarma, manti, maraş Dondurma, pide, fried anchovies (Hamsi), tea, Turkish coffee and raki, Fish sandwiches (Balik Ekmek),…

What to Buy As a Gift When Traveling to Cappadocia - Turkey

Turkey is the largest producer of leather goods in the world. They all specialize in leather goods so we recommend you buy some nice clothes for friends and relatives as souvenirs or items made from blankets, handmade rugs, garment fabrics, etc.

You can buy lots of souvenirs for friends and relatives

Notes When Traveling Cappadocia 

You should bring some flu, stomach ache, and car sickness medicine for traveling

You should keep the name card of the hotel where you stay during the tourTips for local tour guides and talents Driver is required in Turkey for about $6.5/day

You should bring a small 3-pin socket to use in Cappadocia

The above notes are the latest sharing about Cappadocia - Turkey travel experiences, hoping to help you have more useful knowledge for your upcoming trip. For the most perfect and economical travel, you can refer to tourist destinations such as Brunei Travel Experience Sharing: fun spots, dining or you should also learn about overseas travel experiences in general to have more complete knowledge when traveling. Wish you have the most meaningful travel.

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