Beautiful plateaux to visit in Turkey

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 29, 2024 2:11 PM

Despite the world-famous historical sites and ancient heritages, Turkey has gradually gained its reputation for many magnificent plateaux, being covered with lush green meadows and rugged mountain peaks. Whether you seek serenity or adventure, the plateaux of Turkey promise unforgettable experiences amidst nature's majesty. The below lands will be giving you the sense of being in the heaven, so get ready for it! 

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Ayder highland

Located in Çamlıhemşin district belonging to Rize province, this plateau is a must-come tourism site that you should visit once setting foot in Turkey. Not only famous for being one of the best hot springs in the Black Sea zone, but this highland is also well-known for its diverse species of flora and fauna. On arrival to this region, you can't stand contemplating the green grass spreading a vast area.

beautiful plateaux in turkey

Lying behind Kaçkar range, Ayder is about 1350 meters away from the sea surface. Under a nice weather condition, this land is the home for thousands of plants and animals kinds. As soon as you turn up, you will be surprised by plenty of forests covering the plateau with fir trees, oak trees, chestnut trees, etc. All of them are tall, green and gives you big shadows to sit under.

houses up the hill in turkey

Ayder is a good place to release all of your stress caused by busy days of hard work thanks to the fresh air, green environment which seems to share no lines with the endless blue sky. Here, you will have a chance to live with nature and stay far away from cities full of dust, smoke, noise and traffic jams. Having a holiday to this highland, you will earn a number of memorable experiences as well as take your good mood back after a long chain of stressful days.

If you are taking a long vacation in this area, you should consider hiring a nice homestay nearby. There are different kinds of big and small motels or hotels for you to choose from according to your favorites. Besides, picking a wooden homestay may give you a more comfortable feeling as you can enjoy the cool weather when getting up early in the morning. Moreover, the fresh air released from green trees around provides you a perfect start for a new day.

natural landscape in turkey

Since Ayder is one of the most renowned hot springs, you cannot miss an interesting activity when showing up here which is to dim yourself in the warm water. It can help you relax and forget all the stress you are facing. Furthermore, people believe that these hot springs are able to cure some types of illnesses. That is also the reason why there are more and more tourists traveling to this site every year.


Should you be a person who likes to try something new, you can come to Pokut for a nice adventure. Owning an outstanding height of 2032 meters, this highland is compared with many sites in movies for the dense fog. Once spending a holiday in Amlıhemşin, you cannot fail to visit this beautiful place.

sky view of scenery in turkey

Thanks to the special terrain, Pokut has various species of plants that can only grow at this height. Most of them are conifer trees producing hard dry fruit in a cone shape. In the early morning, you can feel the cold weather touching your skin due to the white fog covering your homestay outside. With this ideal condition, there is nothing more interesting than having a cup of hot tea to get ready for your day.

Elevit highland

Mentioning Turkey uplands, we cannot skip an impressive one known as Elevit. This site is situated on Kaçkar flanks lying in the middle of Çat valley. At the height of 1800 meters, this one has become popular among visitors for its amazing landscapes.

To reach Elevit highland, you have to go across a valley called Fırtına. By stopping by here, you can take lots of nice pictures with attractive sceneries that are not easy to find somewhere else. Possessing numerous species of plants and animals of all kinds, this valley was officially honored as an ecoregion which is in need of preservation by the World Wide Fund.

beautiful stream down the hill in turkey

After some unforgettable moments in Fırtına, you will turn up at Elevit plateau as the next destination. On arrival here, you may love its wildness with colorful flowers alternating green grass under tall trees that seem to reach the sky high above. Additionally, you can hear many birds singing their funny songs, which is a nice thing you cannot have when coming back to the downtowns.

elevit scenery in turkey

In case you do not want to stay in hotels, you can spend your night outside by taking a camp with you. Nonetheless, it may get a little bit colder than in the daytime. Hence, do not forget to put a blanket in your bag if you are planning camping.


If you have never seen any amazing streams before in your life, this highland must be the best choice for you. Not only a popular destination for internal tourism, but it is also well-known among travelers from other countries thanks to the poetry nature. Once arriving here, you may not want to get back to the modern cities anymore.

Kümbet is famous for its white clear streams going down from mountain flanks which you can use to wash your face with. The cool water will help to wake you up after a tiring trip and give you more energy to go on. Besides, this area provides you a wide green space to take a rest before continuing your journey.

Highland and flowers in Turkey

On top of that, this land also has a historical site which is attractive to those who are fans of history. The place is called Hacı Abdullah that has existed here for more than four centuries. The wall is 6.5 kilometers in length and about 1.5 meters in height with antique beauty. Thus, do not hesitate to spend a little of your time coming here for a historic experience.

In Turkey, there are not only blue beaches and impressive ancient architecture, but the green space is also an important element helping to develop tourism in this Eurasian country. By visiting these sites, you can feel much better and get more energy for your new day.

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