8 things to do in Antalya in Turkey

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 29, 2024 1:50 AM

Make sure when you travel to the Antalya city - an exceptional region between Asia – Europe, remember to do the following 8 things to fully experience the natural and exotic beauty that has intriguing even the most insatiable individuals, It is the beauty of the hundred-year-old town, idyllic white sand beach, timeless magnificent Roman ruins,…

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1. About the countryside, visit the ruins of Perge

The countryside around the city of Antalya brings together many of the most important, beautiful, and famous historical sites, also worth the first place on your list of MUST-VISIT spots when coming to Turkey is the ruins of Perge

The structures in Perge, the former capital of Asia Minor Pamphylia Secunda are the remains of rare roman architecture that still exists today.

Perge Aspendos Side from Antalya

Perge - ancient settlement and former capital of Pamphylia

Although the works have been greatly worn out over time, the remains still show the surprising ingenuity of the Roman architectural masters at that time.

If you are doing research on Roman architecture or simply have a great love for this style, you should definitely visit Perge at least once in your life. The Opera House and the set of 2 tower gates that used to be the main entrance to the old city are sculpted and built extremely sophisticatedly and will make you excited and fascinated for a long time.

In particular, do not miss the visit to the old stadium – the Perge racecourse, the stadium with a capacity of up to 15,000 spectators at the same time, is recognized as the stadium with the largest area and well-preserved most in the world today. The area of the construction will extremely surprise you.

2. Explore the ancient city of Aspendos

Aspendos - Wikipedia



About 40 km from the city of Antalya are the remains of the legendary old city of Aspendos. The most prominent work here is the Aspendos Theatre which was built between 160 and 180 AD.

This is the well-preserved ancient theatre in the world due to the visiting of tourists. Traveling to Turkey, you will not only find the foundation of the works like many other theater monuments but you will witness most parts of it without carrying boredom. The walls, the works inside, and the stairs are still intact.

As you climb each row of chairs to stand on the steps – the highest seat, you will feel the magnificence of this work. According to the event researchers, they estimated the theatre can welcome up to 8000 spectators at the same time.

After visiting the theatre, take a short move and look up to see the city sewers looming over the nearby mountains. Each scene here is full of time, sitting here gives you a feeling of extreme tranquility. If you are under heavy stress, take a tour right away.

3. Admiring the significant Duden waterfall


                                                      Düden Waterfalls in Muratpaşa/Antalya                                                       

You can take a short boat trip or take a drive to visit the stunning Duden waterfall. The natural twin falls of Lower Duden and Upper Duden are “born and nurtured” by the strong water flowing down from the Taurus mountains straight down the Mediterranean sea.

From the Duden falls cliffs, you can see clearly when riding a boat. While on UpperDuden, its location is 15 km far from Antalya by road or bus and is easily accessible and convenient to visit.

3 Days in Antalya - Travel Booking Turkey

  Kayaking in the Lower Duden falls

Besides, there is a deep gorge behind the waterfall. If you are an adventurer, you can check in this area, and wander through the cave you will witness the beauty of the falls and the magnificent mountain views here.

4. Immerse in Kaleici, the ancient town of Antalya

Nestled behind limestone cliffs in the main harbor, Kaleici – the old town of Antalya city has been well preserved by the Turkish government. To enjoy the beauty of Kaleici, guests can take a short stroll in the old town in the afternoon.

Kaleiçi, Antalya's gate to past

A walk on the street in Kaleici/Antalya

At Kaleici, you will see Roman ruins placed next to the ancient mosques, admiring the exquisite beauty of Yivli Minare Mosque – a 13th-century building that is easily recognized by the giant tower, a characteristic design of mosque architecture.

In addition to the monuments, the old town also has souvenir shops, eateries, and special coffee shops to acquire knowledge about beautiful Antalya, you should head directly to the Antalya Archeological Museum in the area.

5. Go rapids on an exciting rafting ride in Köprülü Canyon

About 90 km from Antalya city is one of the top rafting spots in Turkey – Köprülü Canyon.

Köprülü is the longest canyon in the half – Asia, half – European. Those who travel to Turkey if they enjoy rafting can challenge their rafting experience from level I rapids 9 for beginners) to rapids VI (for experts).

A rafting trip down the picturesque Kopru River through pine forests, cypress trees, green cedars while watching wildlife such as foxes, wolves, or even bears fleeting on the raft ride will give you an extremely unforgettable experience.

Whitewater Rafting Trip in Koprulu Canyon National Park 2021 - Antalya

 Whitewater Rafting Trip in Koprulu Canyon National Park

6. Relax on the beaches and luxury resorts of Antalya

Antalya is famous for its super-long coastline and seascape. Guests will have relaxing moments on the beaches, luxurious resorts of the city.

Konyaalti and Lara are the two main beaches of Antalya. Moving to the west of the city about 7 kilometers, you will reach Konyaalti, and Lara is located in the east of the city which is very close to the high-end resorts.

In case you want to escape from the crowd, it only takes 3 hours of driving and you will reach Kaputaş beach, an extremely unspoiled beach where you can swim, sunbathe, and roam freely.

7. Go trekking on the Lycian Way route

Hiking Turkey's Lycian Way by Explore | Bookmundi

      The Lycian Way

The Lycian way is a leading trekking route in the world stretches up to 540 km long, with the starting point in the suburbs of Antalya extending as far as Fethiye.

Moving along this route, people will move through many rural areas of Turkey, places full of ancient relics, and through many seas and mountains. In 29 days of completing the Lycian Way trekking, you will be extremely satisfy with the natural beauty of Turkey.

If you do not have a month to go all the way to the Lycian Way, you can also explore a part of the wonderful beauty of the Lycian Way by taking a short trip.

8. Lunch/dinner near the old harbor

Sandal Snack Restaurant

Antalya restaurant 

Visitors to Antalya absolutely should not refuse the opportunity to enjoy Turkish cuisine by Antalya standards, which is to eat at a restaurant near the old harbor.

Many restaurants are serving typical Turkish seafood and dishes on the cliffs and around the old harbor. You can choose any restaurant to order food to enjoy with harbor views, sparkling night views, and delicious food will be great memories for visitors.

With 8 things to do when traveling to Antalya/Turkey how many things do you think can get done? Book a tour at our website to make sure you have memorable moments in Antalya.

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