7-Day Turkey Itinerary - A Week Of Majestic Wonders

By Hana Emily
Posted on May 29, 2024 8:45 AM

Turkey's week of majestic wonders was an amazing experience. Even if a 7-day Turkey itinerary is not too long, it will be sufficient if you have a good timetable. A great journey will result from careful planning. But what if you find it difficult to plan since you know nothing about Turkey? Let's consider the below timetable for further information!


This surreal beginning in Istanbul will offer you a sense of the cultural diversity and historical significance of the city. It sets the tone for the remaining five days of your trip to Turkey.

Blue Mosque & Hagia Sophia

Blue Mosque

Istanbul's Blue Mosque is often referred to as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. It is a stunning work of architecture. 

The mosque gets its moniker from the beautiful blue tiles that decorate its magnificent facade. A large, peaceful prayer hall with tall ceilings and beautiful columns can be found within. The mosque's six minarets and central dome provide a striking silhouette against the backdrop of the city. 

A taste of the magnificence of Ottoman architecture and the significance of the location for religion may be obtained by visiting the Blue Mosque.

7-day Turkey itinerary - Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia

A substantial part of Istanbul's history may be found in the Hagia Sophia. It is a historical and cultural treasure. It was first constructed as a cathedral, changed to a mosque, and is now a museum. 

The Hagia Sophia is a must-see destination because of its enormous dome, elaborate mosaics, and opulent interior. It serves as a reminder of the Byzantine and Ottoman influences on the development of architecture in the city. 

You may go back in time while learning about the layers of history that have defined Istanbul's identity by visiting the Hagia Sophia.

7-Day Turkey Itinerary - Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

The marketplace of Grand Bazaar

In the center of Istanbul is where you'll find the Grand Bazaar. It is a large, bustling market that has been around for many years. 

It is one of the largest and oldest covered marketplaces in the world, with winding pathways and a busy ambiance. You may find a stunning variety of things inside its vibrant booths, including complex carpets and fabrics, magnificent jewelry, spices, pottery, and more. 

The Grand Bazaar offers visitors a chance to explore the city's history, craftsmanship, and thriving trade traditions in addition to being a place to buy.

7-day Turkey itinerary - Marketplace

The marketplace of Grand Bazaar


Cappadocia will give you a truly unforgettable experience. Cappadocia is known for its spectacular hot-air balloon show. It blends beautiful natural beauty with thrilling adventure.

A place that promises both visual magnificence and an unequaled feeling of adventure. Also, Cappadocia's hot air balloon experience will allow guests to make lifelong memories while marveling at the incredible geological formations.

Arrival in Cappadocia and Sunset Views

  • When you get to Cappadocia, check into your lodging.
  • Discover Cappadocia's distinctive terrain, which is distinguished by its fairy chimneys and cave habitations.
  • Ancient buildings and frescoes carved out of rock may be seen at the Göreme Open Air Museum.
  • From a panoramic viewpoint, take in the enchanting colors of the Cappadocian countryside during a spectacular sunset in the evening.
7-Day Turkey Itinerary - Cappadocia

Arrival in Cappadocia and Sunset Views

Hot Air Balloon Experience and Underground Cities

  • At dawn, take a memorable hot air balloon in Cappadocia trip to see Cappadocia's bizarre terrain up close.
  • After breakfast, go back to your hotel to unwind.
  • Investigate the fascinating ancient underground complexes known as Derinkuyu or Kaymakl, which served as a refuge and a place of safety.
  • Visit a nearby studio to learn more about the wonderful art of manufacturing pottery.
  • Take a trip through the quaint village of Avanos this evening, and consider giving pottery making a try.

These two days will be unforgettable because of Cappadocia's breathtaking scenery and distinctive activities, such as the hot air balloon trip.

7-Day Turkey Itinerary - Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon Experience and Underground Cities

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  • Depart for the ancient jewel of Ephesus, Izmir.
  • Explore the magnificent ruins of the ancient city, which include the Great Theatre and the Library of Celsus.
  • Visit the Virgin Mary's House, thought to be the location of her last years.
  • Look around the Ephesus Archaeological Museum to observe relics from the area's lengthy past.
  • As you sample regional food and take in the lively ambiance of this seaside city, enjoy an evening in Izmir.

The highlight of your trip will be discovering Ephesus' wonders and understanding its historical significance.

7-Day Turkey Itinerary - Izmir

The ancient jewel of Ephesus, Izmir


Pamukkale and Hierapolis are a mixture of the charm of a bizarre natural marvel and the depth of ancient history. This journey combines the breathtaking natural beauty with an enthralling look into ancient civilization.

The famous terraces of Pamukkale are generated by mineral-rich hot waters pouring down white terraces. It produces a picturesque setting like a fairy-tale "cotton castle.". You can experience yourself in the healing thermal waters of Pamukkale.

The ancient city of Hierapolis lies next to this natural wonder. It reveals well-preserved ruins that provide a peek into the past, including Roman baths, temples, and a large theater. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explore the archaeological treasures of Hierapolis.

Pamukkale's Natural Wonders

  • Visit Pamukkale, which is renowned for its distinctive terraces of mineral-rich hot water.
  • Discover the "Cotton Castle" terraces, which were created over centuries by calcium deposits from the hot, rushing fluids of the earth.
  • Visit the nearby ancient city of Hierapolis, which is renowned for its intact remains and historic hot springs.
  • Enjoy the amazing panoramic views of the surroundings while you unwind in the hot pools.

Hierapolis and Departure

  • Continue looking around Hierapolis' antique buildings, necropolis, and old theater.
  • Swim at Cleopatra's Pool, where the waters are claimed to be mineral-rich and to have regenerating qualities.
  • Leave Pamukkale and proceed to your next location or return to the airport in preparation for your departure.

A fascinating and educational end to your 7-day Turkey trip will come from exploring Hierapolis's past and Pamukkale's natural beauty.

7-Day Turkey Itinerary - Pamukkale and Hierapolis

Pamukkale and Hierapolis


Accommodation and transportation are essential elements of every trip. They affect the trip's overall enjoyment, comfort, safety, convenience, and affordability. A smoother, more pleasurable, and memorable trip may result from careful thought and preparation in these areas.


  • Istanbul: Near Istanbul, pick a hotel near the famed Sultanahmet neighborhood for quick access to famous sights like the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.
  • Cappadocia: Choose a cave hotel in Cappadocia for a unique experience that mixes in with the natural surroundings.
  • Izmir: If you want to visit local sights and take in the seaside ambiance, think about lodging in the city center.
  • Pamukkale: Seek lodgings with access to the hot baths and views of the terraces.
7-Day Turkey Itinerary - Accommodation

Accommodation for your 7-Day Turkey trip


  • Istanbul to Cappadocia: Fly from Istanbul to the airports in Kayseri or Nevşehir, both of which are near to Cappadocia. If possible, plan your flight.
  • Cappadocia to Izmir: Fly from Kayseri or Nevşehir airports to Izmir, or combine flights and ground transportation, to get from Cappadocia.
  • Izmir to Pamukkale: The estimated 3- to 4-hour trip from Izmir to Pamukkale may be made by car or bus.
  • Pamukkale to Denizli Airport or Izmir Airport: Depending on your location of departure, plan transportation to the closest airport for your subsequent flight from Pamukkale to Denizli or Izmir.

Consider making reservations for your travel and lodging in advance to save time and for convenience. To guarantee seamless transitions between places, combine taking planes, buses, and sometimes renting a car.

7-Day Turkey Itinerary - Transportation

Transportation for your 7-Day Turkey trip


7 days may provide you with a superb overview of Turkey's variety of attractions. However, it's crucial to take into account the distances between the country's main sites and the rate at which you wish to go. 

Take into account the time required for travel, the possibility of airline delays, and the desire to explore each site to the fullest. Consider adding a few more days to your vacation if you want to spend more time exploring each area or prefer a slower pace. 

A 7-day vacation may be an unforgettable and rewarding experience if you're happy with a quick tour of some of Turkey's attractions. The places to visit in Turkey can be changed depending on your interests. 


Follow these procedures to apply for a Turkish e-Visa for your 7-day itinerary:

  • Check out the official website: Visit https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/. It's the official Turkish E-visa application website.
  • Application start: To start your application, click the "Apply" button.
  • Fill in your data: Specify the necessary personal data, such as your nationality, the type of travel passport you will be using, and the dates of your desired trip.
  • Give your travel information here: Enter your travel information, including the dates of your arrival and departure, your flight details, and the location of your lodging.
  • Give your contact details: Your E-visa will be delivered to the email address you provide. Therefore, be sure to include it.
  • Passport information: Enter your passport information, including the number, date of issuance, and expiration date.
  • Review and Confirm: Verify the correctness of all the information you've submitted. Any errors might cause problems when you're traveling.
  • Payment: Use a legitimate credit or debit card to pay the E-visa charge. Depending on your country, the charge varies.
  • Receive E-visa: You'll receive an email with your E-visa attached as a PDF after finishing the payment. Ensure that you either print it out or save it to your device.
  • Submit your E-visa: When entering Turkey, submit your passport and printed or electronic E-visa at the immigration desk. You'll get a stamp on your passport and be authorized to enter the nation.

Make sure your trip dates fit within the 90-day window because E-visas are often valid for numerous entries during this time. Multiple entries are normally allowed for most nationalities. Always visit the official E-visa website to find out the most recent criteria specific to your country of citizenship.

When you have a 7-day Turkey itinerary, you may go on some amazing excursions. Keep in mind that your health, safety, and respect for the way of life in the area should come first. We hope this clarifies any queries you may have had about traveling to Bodrum, Turkey.

Never forget to get your Turkey E-visa ready as well. Your vacation might be ruined by problems with your paperwork. Please exercise extreme caution in this area!

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