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Turkey e-Visa for Mexican citizens

Turkey has attracted visitors from around the world for its beautiful landscapes, nice buildings and good cuisine. Lately, to make it more convenient for tourists, Turkish government has introduced Electronic Visas (eVisa) for those who want to stay in Turkey for a short period of time. The list consists of more than 40 nations which can apply for an e-Visa including Mexico. If you are not sure about the steps to get one, you can check the following information about Turkey eVisa for Mexican citizens.

Turkey-eVisa-for-citizens-of-Mexico| horas é agora na turquia in Turkey
In addition to magnificent landscapes, delicious dishes, Turkey are well-known for unique architectures of buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): TURKEY eVISA FOR MEXICAN CITIZENS

What do Mexican citizens need to apply for a Turkey eVisa?

The first thing that you need to prepare for your Turkey eVisa application is a 6-month valid passport which has at least one empty page. Besides, make sure that you have an email address to get your eVisa as well as the latest notifications. Also, you will need debit cards, credit cards such as PayPal or Mastercards as means of payment.  

How long can I stay in Turkey with my eVisa?

You can enter Turkey at any time within 180 days from the first date it is valid. However, your trip cannot last more than 30 days.

How can Mexican citizens get their Turkey eVisa?

You can get your eVisa through your email address. 

What should I do to get a Turkey eVisa?

You can start your first step by visiting this page to provide your personal information such as name, email address to get your visa, passport number, nationality, passport expiry date, etc. Do not forget to have a look back to what you have just written because you may make some mistakes. 

After that, you can continue the next step which is to pay for the fee. You can pay with a debit card, credit card such as Mastercard or PayPal.

When you are done with your payment, you should check your email constantly to receive  

your eVisa. Then, you have to print it out and show it at the Immigration Checkpoint.

How much is a Turkey e-Visa for Mexican citizens?

The fee depends on what kind of service you choose. There are two types of fee that you have to pay for:

– Government fee: $0

– Service fee:

  • Normal Processing: $59
  • Emergency Processing: $79
  • Rush Processing: $89
Turkey-eVisa-for-citizens-of-Mexico| Service fees for Turkey e-visa application
Mexico citizens are allowed to choose the suitable service fees as they wish.

Can I pay for my eVisa with cash?

The answer is No. You can do the payment with debit or credit cards. 

Can I get a refund if my application is not acceptable?

No, you can’t. Once you pay for your eVisa, you cannot get a refund even if your application is not approved.

Why do I fail to get the approval?

There are many reasons for the failure of your application. First of all, you can check your personal information to make sure there is no mistake about numbers and spelling.

After that, you should consider the reason for entering Turkey. Turkey eVisa is provided for work and tourism purposes only. If you go to Turkey for studying or settlement, you have to apply for a sticker visa. 

The valid date of your passport might also be a reason. If the number of valid dates is under 60, you can not apply for a Turkey eVisa. 

Turkey-eVisa-for-citizens-of-Mexico| The correction of Turkey e-visa application
Citizens of Mexico should double check the information and guidance beforehand to avoid the unexpected shortcomings.

Where can I get more information about Turkey eVisa?

For further information about Turkey eVisa, you can go to our website and raise your questions in the box on the right side, we will be there to support you in the shortest time.

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