Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Taiwan

As a traveler we all want to have a steady, slow and memorable moment in foreign country with our friends and family but our flow of joy might be kept away from diffuse procedures of getting an entrance into Turkey. In contrast, we suggest you to apply for a Turkey e-Visa, it now becomes available on the internet with simple steps to obtain rapidly and help you save your time for other businesses. For Taiwanese, this is the way.

In this article we will guide you how to do this and solve some of your troubles before paying a visit to this beautiful and exciting nation.

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Frequently Asked and Questions about Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Taiwan

What is a Turkey e-Visa?

The e-Visa is a legally electronic document to enter a foreign country manually done on the internet by the applicants who wish to travel, study, do business, etc.

Obligatory conditions that Taiwanese must follow to get a Turkey e-Visa

  • A Taiwanese passport, valid for at least 150 days beyond the date of their arrival in Turkey.
  • A valid email address where they intend to receive visa-related notifications and their e-Visa.
  • An active payment card, either debit or credit card, for paying the visa fees.The Advantages of Turkish Passport

How do Taiwanese get an e-Visa online?

The application for the e-visa Turkey can be conducted by following these steps:

Step 1: Country/region

  •       Select the first column Country/Region and type Taiwan inside it
  •       Choose the travel document as ordinary passport
  •       Finally, type the security verification following by the text inside the column below
  •       Press Save and Continue

Note: If you have not finished applying for e-visa you are able to choose “I have an ongoing application” for further instruction.

Step 2: Date of Arrival

In this section, the website will notify the validation date of your e-Visa to Turkey. If you want to change the date there’s a choice for that and the validation date will change in no time. Please remember that your e-Visa is only valid for 180 days and your stay cannot exceed 30 days.

Visa fee: Gratis (No Fee)

Step 3: Prerequisites

Check the information. In this section you must confirm whether you have met all the requirements or not. If so, Press the “Save and Continue” button.

Step 4: Personal information

The Turkish e-Visa application process is quite simple. Travelers will need to fill out an online application with the following basic information:

  •       Full name
  •       Date/place of birth
  •       Passport number
  •       Date of issuance/expiration
  •       Email address
  •       Phone numberAzerbaijan lifts, Russia eases visa requirements for Turkish citizens |  Daily Sabah

Step 5: Checking the saved information

In this step information that you fill in will appear for you to inspect. If the information is correct please choose “Verify”. Otherwise, choose “Edit” to make it right. Once you choose “Verify”, the E-visa file will be submitted.

Step 6: Email confirmation

A confirmation email will be sent automatically to your inbox. Check the inbox, if you don’t see an incoming email please choose “Resend email”. Furthermore, please confirm the email account. Inside, click “Approve”.

What are the processing time and prices for an e-Visa?

There are two kinds of fees for the applicant to pay are Government Fee and Service Fee via Credit/Debit card or Paypal. If you are Taiwanese your Government fee will be free of charge and the service fee will be categorized into 3 options below:

Types of service Normal Rush Emergency
Fee  (per applicant) $ 59 $ 89 $ 79

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I am traveling with my children. Can they enter Turkey with my E-VISA?

Technically no, the E-visa can be applied for each person only. For children and infant, they must acquire the individual e-visa which is on the official government website of Turkey. Parents are able to help their children to conduct this process.

I have more questions, where can I find more info?

If you still have some questions related to Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Bahrain, you can contact us at this website for more information. We are always willing to support you to successfully get a Turkey e-Visa.

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