Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Bermuda

Lately, the Turkish government has come up with a very effective method called Turkey e-visa. Thanks to that, applicants do not have to spend hours waiting for an interview at the embassy. As long as you have a computer or mobile device with a stable internet connection, you can immediately own an electronic visa in a flash to travel. For the Bermudian, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to go on vacation without worrying too much.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Turkey e-Visa for citizens of Bermuda

What is Turkish e-visa?

Turkish e-Visa or Turkish electronic visa is a legal document issued by the Government of Turkey to foreigners, allowing them to enter Turkey for a certain period of time.

Do Bermudian passport holders need a visa to go to Turkey?

Yes, Bermudians are required to apply for Turkish e-visa when entering Turkey. By filling out your personal information online HERE, just a few simple steps you will immediately get the visa you want.

How long can visitors with a Bermudian passport stay in Turkey with a Tourist eVisa?

For people who bear Bermudian nationality, you can only stay only for 30 days during 180 days of visa validation.

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What are the documents required to apply?

In order not to prepare unnecessary documents we would like to give you the necessary requirements below. Please pay attention to the requirements to ensure that you do not fall short of the procedure.

  Your original passport: This is a very important document and your passport must be at least 6 months valid. So if you forget, please register quickly and do not forget to check the expiration date.

  A Credit / Debit card / Paypal account: In order not to let you wait to withdraw money at the neares­­­t ATM or bank, we accept payment methods via Credit card or Debit card for fast transaction. Please note that Paypal account is acceptable too.

  Digital Passport Scan (main page)

A valid email address: When you have successfully applied for Turkey evisa, we will send you the E-visa photo file. Besides, when you give us your email, we will give you tips for other procedures when you travel or do business abroad, these tips are COMPLETELY FREE.

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What are the processing times and prices?

As you finish applying for Turkish e-Visa, we only accept payment through credit or debit card such as: Visa card, Master card. Types of fees that you have to pay comprise Government fee and Service fee. If an applicant carries the Bermudian nationality, the government fee you must pay is 20$ USD per person. As for the service fee, we categorized into three different types based on your urgency:

Types of service Normal Rush Emergency
Fee (per applicant) $ 59 $ 89 $ 79

How many times can I enter Turkey with a Tourist eVisa?

For Bermudian individuals applying for this e-visa, you can go in and out many times without having to re-apply for an e-visa after each trip. What does that mean? That means you can enter and exit Turkey a number of times within the 180-day period of the visa validation. During each trip, you can only stay for 30 days and if you want to extend your stay please read the “I want to extend my stay in Turkey. What should I do?” section below for more details.

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What should I do if my visa expire?

There are 2 situations that will happen if your e-Visa expires: In Turkey and not in Turkey.

  • As for person who have his/her e-Visa expire in the territory of Turkey : If you want to stay in Turkey until after the date indicated on your visa, you need to report to the local police, Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Here, it is possible to arrange for an extension or a (permanent) residence permit.
  • As for person who have his/her e-Visa expire outside Turkey: If you are outside of Turkey at the moment your visa expires, you can always apply for a new one. This can be done on this website through the online application form. The visa for Turkey is valid for 180 days. You don’t need to wait until these 180 days have expired. You can file for an unlimited number of visas for Turkey each year.How to Make Turkish Passport Application?

What can I do if I make a mistake in my application?

If the applicants find out that there is an error, you should urgently contact our call center via chat box, hotline or email support@e-visa-gov.com to correct in time.

Do I need a visa if I am in transition through Turkey?

If you are not going to leave the international transit area, you will not need a Turkish e-Visa. On the contrary, you must apply for a Turkish Tourist e-Visa if you intend to leave the airport.

How does the Turkish e-visa work?

Turkey e-Visa is created for various purposes such as tourism, recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit, whereby traveling to Turkey has not ever been as easy as now with this appearance.2021 Pasaport ücretleri belli oldu! İşte pasaport harç, defter ücretleri -  Son Dakika Haberler Milliyet

I have more questions, what should I do?

There are still many problems that the applicants have to face and situations that they stumbled upon. We recommend you to pay a visit to our website so you can have a thorough clarification with our experienced consultancy. Safe trips are always guaranteed for the passengers. 


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